Golden State Warriors 121, Milwaukee Bucks 112

After the movie, I took the 12 bus out to my bank near the 12th Street BART station. It looked like Jamba Juice was closing down for the afternoon, so I went past the place and went home for something to eat. I took a train out to the Oracle Arena. It started to rain lightly as we were waiting outside the door. I went over to the team store, where the item of the game was the kids’ backpack for $35. I headed to my seat, where I thought about how tired I was. We saw some kids doing some gymnastics out on the court before the game. The only loss the Warriors have had this season so far was against the Bucks, so many of the fans were thinking about gaining revenge. The Warriors scored 33 points in the first quarter, but the Bucks were shooting well and playing hard. At the end of the quarter, Bucks were ahead, 36-33. The fans seemed disappointed that the Warriors didn’t immediately jump out to a 10-point lead. They seem frustrated when the Bucks outscored the Warriors in the second quarter, too, ending the half ahead with a 70-58 score. The gymnast came onto the court again, and we couldn’t tell whether they were trying to form letters. In many games, the Warriors start the third quarter strong and pull away from the opposing time. However, the Bucks got their lead up to 15 points. There was a bit of concern in the building, even though the crowd knew the home team was the superior team. The Warriors cut the margin down to eight points by the end of the third quarter, when the score was 93-85. The fourth quarter was the big one for the Warriors and Stephen Curry. The Bucks missed quite a few shots and didn’t grab all the rebounds as in earlier in the game. The Bucks were still ahead in the game by 11 points with about eight minutes left in the game, but the Warriors made the big push that decided the outcome of the game. Many of the key points came from Curry. He cut the Bucks’ lead from five points to two with one shot that excited the crowd. He also made three free throws that tied the score at 100-100. Curry gave the Warriors the lead with just over two minutes left. He got a steal, made two free throws, and passed to Andre Iguodala for a three-point shot to stretch the margin. The last minutes were extended by a lot of fouling, but the tactic didn’t get the Bucks any closer in the score. The game ended with the score at 121-112. The Warriors had outscored the Bucks 36-19 in that fourth quarter. The Warriors’ leading scorer on the night was Klay Thompson with 27, although Stephen Curry had scored 26. It was raining outside as we headed out to the BART station. I had my umbrella, but I stepped in a couple of puddles to get my feet wet. The hot dog vendors were out on the bridge, with the rain falling down on their bacon-wrapped hot dogs. I wanted to buy some fruit from Safeway, but the rain discouraged me, and I went straight home. The Jimmy Kimmel show was a rerun with the cast members of the Star Wars movie. I was a little more interested in Daisy Ridley after seeing the movie. According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for December 19, Carl Perkins recorded “Blue Suede Shoes” in Memphis in 1955. In 1991, Oliver Stone’s controversial “JFK” premiered in Dallas. In 1995, one person was killed during the filming of “Gone Fishin’” during a boat stunt. In 1997, the James Cameron film “Titanic” had its opening.

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