I watched bits of all the morning shows but caught the chef segment of CBS This Morning. Marcus Murphy’s menu included Standing rib roast, Brussels sprouts with bacon, Rosemary roasted potatoes, Fennel gratin, Chestnut rice pudding, and a Burnt orange negroni. I looked at the American Top 40 playlist for the weekend. The Top 10 songs on December 15, 1973 were “If You’re Ready (Come Go with Me),” “The Joker,” “Photograph,” “Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress),” “Hello It’s Me,” “Time in a Bottle,” “Just You ‘n’ Me,” “Top of the World,” “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” and “The Most Beautiful Girl.” I put in five hours of work before I went over to Trader Joe’s. I had already seen the Star Wars movie and so I headed to the theatre to see “Sisters.” It was not the 1973 movie from Brian De Palma starting Margot Kidder. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were the sisters, Kate and Maura. Their parents are planning to sell their childhood home, and they’re throwing a last party in the place. The parents are James Brolin and Dianne Wiest. There is a daughter who is having trouble dealing with Kate, an old classmate played by Maya Rudolph who is miffed at not getting invited to the party, and a nail salon named employee named Hae-Won. The movie seemed like a blend of “Trainwreck” and “Bachelor Party.” I think that I’m getting tired of the R-rated comedies where the humor is very loud. I noticed the Out of Africa poster on the girls’ bedroom wall, but it didn’t look like it had been up there for thirty years. Did the young girls really like that movie that much? The movie was funny for a while, but I thought it went on for too long. One scene of anal humor went on for an agonizingly long time. I was annoyed at the attempts to make serious points about family ties and responsibility. Who is going to pay any attention to life lessons coming from a movie like this? It seems that if you’re going to make a stupid movie, you should be fully committed to that stupidity. I was surprised at the level of destruction that the party caused. It seemed like it was more than “The Money Pit.” Again, I thought the point about parenting that was made was questionable at best. What does a bit of rock climbing prove? Other people in the theatre enjoyed this movie more than I did. Perhaps they’ve seen more of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on television than I have. I saw Tina Fey in the Muppet movie and thought she was funny. The format of the R-rated movie allowed her to cut loose, though, and sometimes it was too much for me. I think I would have preferred music from 1985 instead of what was played at the party. One person on one of the morning shows recommended this as a movie you should take your sister to, but I would suggest thinking more carefully on that one. It might be uncomfortable if you don’t know what you’re getting into. I’m thinking of the people who went to see “Looking for Mr Goodbar” years ago thinking the movie had something to do with a candy bar. I would say that “Trainwreck” was a more successful comedy than “Sisters.” I find it hard to think that “Sisters” will turn into some kind of classic, but I could be wrong. This movie isn’t going to stay in my mind for too long. I went home and watched some Saturday night shows. There was the All in the Family episode “Mike’s Hippie Friends.” They were a bit too wacky even for Mike, who was still working towards a goal in his life. The Mary Tyler Moore episode was “Toulouse-Lautrec is One of My Favorite Artists.” Mary had a dinner date with a short man, and Murray took over to a sick Ted. M*A*S*H was “Bananas, Crackers and Nuts,” which had Hawkeye trying to get three days in Tokyo. The Doris Day Show was having a marathon run on one of the television channels. I had never seen it before, and I didn’t know that it was set in San Francisco. McLean Stevenson and Rose Marie were in the cast. Some of the people who died on December 20 include Sacagawea (1812), James Hilton (1954), John Steinbeck (1968), Bobby Darin (1973), Carl Sagan (1996), Hank Snow (1999), Foster Brooks (2001), Brittany Murphy (2009), and Steve Landesberg (2010). Today is a birthday for Sandra Cisneros (61) and Peter Criss (71).

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