Christmas Eve 2015

The news anchors yesterday kept telling us that the Raiders game with the Chargers could be the last ever in Oakland.  The rain was supposed to come down hard, but I managed to get out to the train station without getting wet.  I didn’t hear about many people celebrating Festivus this year.  I thought it was a shame that I couldn’t be out shopping for a Star Wars shirt.  I sat in the station watching the young Asian people eating Subway sandwiches.   They had a Star Wars toy in one of their bags. The train arrived at 10:05 and filled up with quite a few passengers.  I sent a few messages and read a chapter of Tolstoy.  I checked to see that I could listen to the Beatles on Spotify.   I listened to the Sgt. Pepper album although with commercials.  I also listened to three episodes of Scriptnotes.  One was about romantic comedies, and the other was about “Whiplash.”  I think I actually learned a few things.  I fell asleep sometime before Fresno.  A Latina girl sat next to me for a while, but she got off at Hanford.  It seemed that the San Joaquin Valley was getting some rain, so the nation wasn’t going to starve just yet.  I had to stand in line to use the rest room before we got to Bakersfield.  One of the bus drivers there was confused about how to handle the passengers, so he drove people to take another bus.  I was fortunate to stick with him because his bus was half empty.  I checked the Raiders score on the way to Union Station, but I fell asleep, so I missed the sights.    Some of the people who died on December 25 include W.C. Fields (1946), Johnny Ace (1954), Charlie Chaplin (1977), Joan Blondell (1979), Joan Miró (1983), Billy Martin (1989), Dean Martin (1995), Denver Pyle (1997), Birgit Nilsson (2005), James Brown (2006), Eartha Kitt (2008), Ann Savage (2008), and Vic Chestntt (2009). Today is a birthday for Rickey Henderson (57), Annie Lennox (61), CCH Pounder (63), Sissy Spacek (66), Barbara Mandrell (67), and Jimmy Buffett (69).

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