Christmas Day 2015

I was alarmed at my mother’s health.  She complained of pain in her foot, and at her age, it seemed serious.  It was like a scene from “Cries and Whispers.”  I heard mice in my room and felt like killing them.  How is my family going to deal with all these problems?  I listened to the news on the radio.  This was the first Christmas morning since the death of my brother.  It was painful to think about everything that happened this past year.  Driving home from the train station, I noticed that the used book store down the street had gone out of business and something else had taken its place.  On Christmas morning, I felt like taking the dog out for a walk and going out to buy a mousetrap.  If I were at home, I would have gone out to see “The Hateful Eight.”  I spent much of the day cleaning my room.  I had to throw away the dinosaur puzzle that my brother bought me for my birthday in 1987.  After 28 years, it was broken in several places.  I took a couple of photos before I said goodbye to it.  I fell a pang of nostalgia at a thank you note from a girl named Ellen dated December 23, 1992.  I helped her prepare for exam so that she got a B in the class.  There was a big recycling bin at the library on the next street, and I used it to get rid of old books and papers. The mice in the house ate part of my Rolling Some issue with John Lennon on the cover after his death, so I will hate rodents forever.  I watched “The Dogs of War,” which had Christopher Walken and Tom Berenger in it.  Walken was a mercenary.and I guess after “The Deer Hunter.” he was believable in the role.  Ed O’Neill was in the film, as was JoBeth Williams. I couldn’t believe that any woman could remain married to a mercenary, much less a mercenary embodied by Christopher Walken. The movie was uncomfortable to watch, as this group of wild men Starr their own do-it-yourself war.  The violence was brutal.  The world is unforgiving, and you can’t turn your back on a woman with children.  For some action movie fans like my brother, this was an exciting movie.  I had questions about the value of the whole thing.

Some of the people who died on December 26 include Harry S. Truman (1972), Jack Benny (1974), Howard Hawks (1977), Dian Fossey (1985), Elsa Lanchester (1986), Curtis Mayfield (1999), Jason Robards (2000), Nigel Hawthorne (2001), and Gerald Ford (2006). Today is a birthday for Beth Behrs (30) and Lars Ulrich (52).

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