Boxing Day 2015

I watched the Disney animated Tarzan film from 1999.  I found the Phil Collins songs forgettable.  The jungle looked beautiful, but  characters were not great.  Rosie O’Donnell was rather irritating.  I couldn’t separate Minnie Driver from the James Bond movie she was in.  I wasn’t too sure that Tarzan could be deceived so easily. I think of all animals as being crafty and suspicious.  Tarzan looked like he was skateboarding down the branches, which I thought could be a dangerous motion to plant into the minds of young children watching Disney films.  Glenn Close was Tarzan’s mother, showing that it had been a long time since “Fatal Attraction.”  I thought they overdid the first meeting between Tarzan and Jane, with the carnival ride action with vines and branches.  I had to compare this movie in my mind with “Toy Story,” which h already been released four years before.  Pixar was a center of excitement and imagination.  Disney seemed like was releasing too many animated films. I heard everyone talking about “The Lion King.”  I barely noticed “Tarzan.”  I thought back fondly on the year that I saw “Greystoke.”  I didn’t really need to see another version of the Tarzan story, especially with songs by the same guy who sang “One More Night.”  I wondered a bit about why Tarzan didn’t already have an ape wife when Jane arrived on the scene with her sketches and her umbrella.  The apes speak both English and ape, making them the most intelligent animals on the planet.  Tarzan didn’t seem to be the smartezt among the apes, just the best mimic, which means the apes could have understood astronomy if they wanted.  I missed CBS This Morning, but I looked up Tory McPhail’s recipes on the Internet: Crispy roast duck with roasted vegetables and orange brandy sauce, Roasted beet salad, Hoppin’ John, Shrimp and Tasso Henncian, Five-pepper jelly, Crystal hot sauce beurre blanc, and a Goodnight, Lally.

Some of the people who died on December 27 include Gustave Eiffel (1923), Hoagy Carmichael (1981), Hal Ashby (1988), George Roy Hill (2002), and Alan Bates (2003). Today is a birthday for Savannah Guthrie (44) and John Amos (76).

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