Golden State Warriors 111, Denver Nuggets 108

I watched CBS This Morning and caught the chef segment. Amanda Freitag’s signature dishes included beef short ribs, root vegetable puree, beet salad with feet vinaigrette, broccolini with lemon and rosemary, smashed Yukon Gold potatoes, deep-dish apple rhubarb pie, and manzana margarita. I checked the American Top 40 playlist for the weekend. The Top 10 songs of 1974 were “One Hell of a Woman,” “Bennie and the Jets,” “The Streak,” “T.S.O.P.,” “The Loco-Motion,” “Dancing Machine,” “Come and Get Your Love,” “Love’s Theme,” “Seasons in the Sun,” and “The Way We Were.” I watched the Star Trek Animated Series episode “Beyond the Farthest Star.” I went out to buy groceries and watched parts of “The Deep” and “The Philadelphia Experiment.” I took the bus out to downtown Oakland, where I went to the ATM outside my bank. I noticed that Radio Shack was open, even though no shopper were anywhere near the store. I went on to the Fruitvale BART station, where I boarded a train to the Coliseum station. Many fans were lined up outside the Oracle Arena. I was glad that I was wearing my brown leather jacket. I looked through the team store. The only item that I really wanted was a Curry jersey. The item of the game was a calendar, but I already had enough of those. I took my seat and watched Stephen Curry practice his three-point shots. It looked like the Warriors were headed for another win as they started the game well, while the Nuggets had their problems. The Warriors moved out to a 21-2 lead, and the quarter would end with the score 37-13. The Nuggets would come again and outscore the Warriors in each of the next three quarters. Draymond Green had an excellent first quarter and would be the Warriors’ leading scorer in the game with 29 points. Although the boy sitting behind me was begging for Stephen Curry’s return to the game, Curry apparently aggravated his injury and was gone for the night. The Nuggets got back in the game, although they were still behind at 63-47 at halftime. The Nuggets continued to play hard in the third quarter, and they got the score to 90-77 at the end of three quarters. The crowd moaned and groaned during the fourth quarter, as the Nuggets just got closer and closer. Klay Thompson missed shots late in the game. The Warriors scored only 12 points in the quarter, resulting in a 102-102 tie after four quarters. In the overtime period, Thompson finally drove to the hoop instead of taking a long-distance shot, and he put the Warriors ahead. He missed a free throw with seconds left that would have put the Warriors ahead by four points. The Nuggets finally ran out of shots and time, and the final score was 111-108. The crowd was getting coupons for a Jumbo Jack because the Nuggets shot less than 80 percent at the free throw line. I wasn’t too anxious to eat a Jumbo Jack. I went home to watch the news and get to sleep. The night was going to be very cold. Some of the people who died on January 3 include Emil Jennings (1950), Joy Adamson (1980), Judith Anderson (1992), Will Eisner (2005), and Pat Hingle (2009). Today is a birthday for Danica McKellar (41), Mel Gibson (60), John Paul Jones (70), Stephen Stills (71), and George Martin (90). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for January 3, The Beatles recorded their last song together, “I Me Mine,” in 1970. Also in 1970, Davy Jones announced that he was leaving the Monkees. In 1989, The Arsenio Hall Show premiered on the FOX network. In 2004, Britney Spears married her childhood friend Jason Alexander, although the marriage would be annulled.

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