Maneet Chauhan was a guest on CBS This Morning. Her signature dishes include: Tilwala chili crab, beet salad with mustard yogurt pachadi, bolinhos de arroz tikki, sarson saag paneer spanakopita, and limoncello rose. I looked up the playlist for the American Top 40 radio program for this weekend. The Top 10 songs on January 11, 1975 were “One Man Woman,” “Kung Fu Fighting,” “Please Mr. Postman,” “Boogie On Reggae Woman,” “Only You,” “Mandy,” “Laughter in the Rain,” “Junior’s Farm/Sally G.,” “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything,” and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” I went back over to the theatre in Albany to see “Brooklyn” again. The second viewing confirmed to me what a good film it was. I took the buses back home, and I watched the game between the Steelers and the Bengals. I watched the Johnny Carson show from February 29, 1972, with Ann-Margret, Flip Wilson, George Carlin, and Susan Saint James. Ann-Margret’s hair was big. She said she gained 15 pounds for “Carnal Knowledge” by eating pizza. A bit later I watched the Blu-ray disc I had borrowed from the library, which was “Cake” with Jennifer Aniston. Claire Bennett was in a car accident and now suffers from chronic pain. Aniston gives a performance that is more interesting than her television work, although I wouldn’t describe it as great. A housekeeper named Silvana looks after her and drives her to places like Tijuana and Riverside. They have an episode that is reminiscent of the movie “Babel.” Somehow, I didn’t think that this role was right for Jennifer Aniston. Have I seen her in any other movie? It was frightening to watch her, though, as I thought about what will happen to me as I get older. I can feel aches and pains in my feet and my knees already. I think that I was most annoyed with her when she didn’t sit up before she and Silvana got to the border. I thought it was strange to see Anna Kendrick in a part of a dead character. It seems that you should cast someone so famous for such a role. She wasn’t quite like Jessica Lange in “All That Jazz,” and I wished that her character could have just vanished forever. Some of the ideas in this movie were irritating. I thought of my aging mother as I watched Claire. I wanted to like this movie, but I didn’t think it was too memorable. It’s Jennifer Aniston, listening to Billy Joel’s “Honesty.” I really wanted the movie to just be direct and not make me feel that I was wasting my time. I thought more about where the drive-in movie theatre showing the Fred Astaire picture was than Claire’s health. I looked up some reviews of “Cake” that were negative. You watch on television hospital patients who are young children dealing with their pain bravely, and that makes it harder to stand watching a movie like this. Afterwards, I thought of “All That Jazz.” Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy were in the cast of “Cake,” although I don’t know what Macy’s appearance added to the story. Did Jennifer Aniston deserve an Oscar nomination for this performance? It was better than something from a television movie, but I didn’t think it was a huge oversight or snub that she was left off the list. I saw “Cake” in a Blu-ray edition, although I wouldn’t say that it had images I especially wanted to see in high definition. There were only the Los Angeles freeways. I thought the humorous lines about Orange County were strained. I wasn’t convinced that a stray girl could bake a good cake with chocolate frosting. I watched the first few minutes of the Star Trek episode “The Galileo Seven” and wondered who worked on the updated special effects. Who made the decisions on what to change? The computer-generated effects didn’t always look too good. I would rather see the look of the ship upgraded. I thought about what I should do on Super Bowl Sunday. I hate making plans with other people because they change their minds and are unreliable. I’m not sure that I won’t end up going to the game alone. Some of the people who died on January 10 include Buffalo Bill (1917), Sinclair Lewis (1951), Dashiell Hammett (1961), Howlin’ Wolf (1976), Richard Boone (1981), Paul Lynde (1982), Sheldon Leonard (1997), and Carlo Ponti (2007). Today is a birthday for Pat Benatar (63), George Foreman (67), and Rod Stewart (71). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for January 10, Elvis Presley had his first recording session for RCA in Nashville in 1956. In 1971, Bob Dylan appeared in the NBC documentary “Earl Scrugs: His Family and Friends.” In 1991, Clint Black joined the Grand Ole Opry as its 66th member. In 2000, Melissa Etheridge revealed that the father of her two children was David Crosby.

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