Golden State Warriors 116, Los Angeles Lakers 98

I went over to the office for a while to work on my syllabus. I browsed through the record store before I took the bus out to downtown Oakland. I walked over to the ATM to make a withdrawal. I noticed that the Christmas had been taken down. I boarded another bus and got off at the Fruitvale BART station, where I boarded a train to get to the Oracle Arena. Fans were lined up early because it was Klay Thompson Bobblehead Night. There were about 25 people ahead of me in the line. The clouds were dark and threatening, and it did rain on us. Fortunately, there wasn’t much mind, or else it would have been really miserable out there. The kids in front of me were playing video games, and their parents talked about the 49ers and Warriors season tickets for next year. My feet were getting wet from the water falling off my umbrella and splashing on the ground. It was a good idea that they opened the doors a half hour earlier than usual. I was very glad to get inside the building and get my bobblehead. I went to the team store and bought a Stephen Curry jersey with a championship trophy patch. Someday I would like to have a jersey in the 1975 style, which is what I grew up seeing. I used the restroom before heading to my seat. I was happy that I had a plastic bag that I could use to carry the bobblehead. We watched Curry going through his warmup routine. Three of the Harlem Globetrotters were on hand to promote their appearances on the 16th and the 23rd. This is their 90th year, and I think I would like to go see them, perhaps after my next payday. I didn’t see as many Lakers fans in the arena as in past years, but they did applaud Kobe Bryant as he took the court for the last time in Oakland. During the player introductions, a video message from Jerry West was played, although we couldn’t hear half of it due to the crowd noise. The fan sitting next to me to my right would complain incessantly about everything from the referees’ calls to not getting a bobblehead. This wasn’t one of those games where the Warriors scored 40 points in the first quarter to end the suspense quickly. The Lakers did take the lead at 6-5 and put up a fight in the first half. Towards the end of the first quarter, we saw Derek Carr and then Charles Woodson on the video screen. I didn’t know why they were hanging around Oakland nearly two weeks after their season ended. The score after one quarter was 24-23. The game in the second quarter was rather messy, but the Warriors managed to outscore the Lakers again in a quarter so the Warrior took a three-point lead into halftime, at 52-49. The entertainment during the break was a group of guys doing tricks skipping rope. They didn’t get as much applause as the other group that did some impressive break dancing. The Warriors had their best stretch of the game late in the third quarter, when they built up their lead to 14 points, with a score of 86-72. There wasn’t much suspense in that fourth quarter. The crowd did want one last look at Kobe. He put up some shots but missed them, and he passed the ball around a bit. He left the game with about three minutes left. The Warriors had the lead up to 20 points and ended up winning by 18 and a final score of 116-98. Stephen Curry had scored 26 points in the game, and Kobe Bryant had 8 points. The Warriors’ record is 37-3, and the Lakers are 9-32. The game ran longer than usual, just past ten o’clock. As I left the building, someone handed me a Jack in the Box coupon for a Jumbo Jack. One of my former students saw me walking towards the BART station, and he told me how expensive parking was in the lot. He was a fast walker, and I couldn’t keep up with him. I got to the station just in time to catch my train. I found myself feeling weak and uncomfortable towards the end of the ride. I hadn’t eaten since about one o’clock. When I left outside into the night, the fresh, cold air woke me up. I got home and watched the Johnny Carson show with his guests Billy Crystal and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Billy Crystal said that Gregory Hines was one of the greatest people he’d ever met. Crystal sure seemed like a busy person, with a movie and the editing of a program and a book. Schwarzenegger had recently married Maria Shriver. He said he was nervous about the marriage. Johnny compared Schwarzenegger with Sylvester Stallone, who had been in the movie “Cobra.” It seemed that from the movies that were discussed, “Running Scared” and “Raw Deal,” the program was from 1987. I fell asleep and awoke to watch the end of “Beat the Devil.” I enjoyed watching it even though it was a mess. How many of Humphrey Bogart’s movies end with his character laughing? The movie “Philadelphia” was on another channel, but I couldn’t bear to watch it. I saw an episode of McCloud in London. I saw an episode of Night Gallery called “The Diary,” starring Patty Duke, Virginia Mayo, and David Wayne. Lindsay Wagner was a nurse. Rod Serling wrote the episode, which reminded me of the Twilight Zone episode with William Shatner and the penny fortune telling machine. I felt that David Wayne was a great actor for many years. I think I first saw him in “The Andromeda Strain.” I thought about what Rod Serling would have done if he had lived for another ten years. I thought he was immensely creative, but he did repeat himself between The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery. The second Night Gallery episode was “Big Surprise” with John Carradine. I noticed footage from “The Birds” in it. I thought that John Carradine was pretty frightening. Those kids could barely handle those shovels. They didn’t get dirty or sweaty. It was terrible to see the Hitchcock footage edited into this program. Some of the people who died on January 15 include Ray Bolger (1987), Sammy Cahn (1993), Harry Nilsson (1994), and Minnesota Fats (1994). Today is a birthday for Mario Van Peebles (59). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for January 15, the Aretha Franklin album “This Girl’s in Love with You” was released in 1970. In 1977, the Eagles’ “Hotel California” was Number One on the album chart. In 1995, the revival of the Get Smart series aired on the FOX network, but the series would run for only seven episodes.

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