I went out to go to more meetings. It wasn’t the most productive use of my time, but I did get some free food. After I was done, I browsed through the record store and bought the Criterion Collection Blu-ray edition of “Badlands.” I walked over to the theatre to see “Clueless.” It didn’t seem that long ago that Alicia Silverstone looked so young, but before I knew it, 21 years have passed. I couldn’t keep track of all the things that Cher did not know about. There was Haiti, Billie Holiday, and Spanish. I thought that even a girl like her could see that her matchmaking efforts with Tai and Elton were not working. I found Paul Rudd believable as a college student with a superior attitude. He had a couple of moments when he seemed likable, although I could see why Cher had a critical attitude towards him. One plot point I found hard to accept was Tai getting dangled over the railing at the Westside Pavilion. It should have been more of an incident with the police getting involved. The perpetrators must have been real lowlifes because that was a very dangerous thing to do. I thought it was rather sad to watch Brittany Murphy. She was very good in the role of Tai, although I found her character not too appealing because her affections shift so easily from one person to the other. She’s not a reliable friend. Two of the funny sequences involved driving, Dionne onto the freeway and Cher during her license test. In the classroom, I thought that Cher’s speeches were terrible, and any teacher with half a brain would have given her a D at best in the class. I could see the high school students of the 1990s getting absolutely nothing done. One kind of interesting fact is that the David Bowie song “Fashion” was used when Cher was picking out an outfit to wear. I thought that the music on the soundtrack as a whole was unexceptional. I don’t remember what the music from “Gigi” was like. Wallace Shawn was funny in this movie. I think I enjoyed watching him in this movie more than in “My Dinner with Andre.” His character was supposed to be 47 years old. I think I may have reached my limit with this movie. I may have seen it too many times because I didn’t laugh at it very many times. There was no surprise with Christian, especially when you see him dancing. The movie does make me appreciate Jane Austen. I wish that I had more time to read the major novels in history. The audience on a Thursday night didn’t respond as strongly to the humor as other audiences in the past. It seemed that people weren’t anxious to go out to the movies on a cold night with the threat of rain. The students were just getting accustomed to the beginning of a new semester. I walked on home and watched a bit of the Tonight Show from June 8, 1989, with guests Martin Short and Cybill Shepherd. The run of “Moonlighting” had ended. The crowd still liked Cybill, and men whistled at her. I checked my messages to see when the DVD of “Once in Paris” might arrive here. I listened to Scriptnotes and a discussion of the Star Wars movie. I watched the ending of an episode of McMillan and Wife with Van Johnson in it. I watched a Night Galley episode called “Pickman’s Model.” Some of the people who died on January 22 include Telly Savalas (1994), Ann Miller (2004), Heath Ledger (2008), and Jean Simmons (2010). Today is a birthday for Diane Lane (51), Linda Blair (57), John Hurt (76), and Piper Laurie (84).

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