I started a normal day of work, but then my friend John burst on the scene, and I halted what I was doing to talk with him for the first time in years. After my shift ended, we met up again and crossed the Bay Bridge and stopped at Japantown to eat. I had the beef teriyaki. We took the 38 Geary bus downtown to get to Super Bowl City. Hundreds of people were at the entrance, but by going around the site, we got to an entrance with fewer people. I thought the most impressive sight was the lighted Bay Bridge in the background. After completing a circle within the grounds, we headed back to the bus line. Video monitors were on the street showing highlights of previous Super Bowl games. We drove back and parted ways at about nine o’clock. I watched the Blu-ray disc of “Interstellar.” I still thought it ran too long, especially the first 45 minutes. I really didn’t understand why we had to see the scene with the school principal, for example. I thought that Mackenzie Foy was quite good at the young Murph, especially when he was upset at Cooper for leaving. However, I thought she looked more like Anne Hathaway than Jessica Chastain. I found myself thinking about John Lithgow’s character Donald and what happened with him over the years. It seemed that they should have found a way to spend less time on that first planet, with all that technology they had and considering the consequences of wasted time. I thought that it was good to see William Devane, even though his appearance was brief. He was so great in those movies of the past, like “Family Plot” and “Yanks.” It was strange to see that the person coming out of suspended animation was Matt Damon. His character Mann was a real dick. NASA and Cooper should have suspected that cases like his were going to happen. It’s rather funny so see this movie again after seeing “The Martian.” We’ve seen entirely too much of Matt Damon in space the last two years. I thought that “Interstellar” did have some emotionally powerful moments involving the separation of the astronauts from their loved ones on Earth. I thought of “2001: A Space Odyssey,” as well as David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” There is also that reunion scene at the end, which could only happen in science fiction. I wondered how Brand was going to hold up until the sequel. I guess she couldn’t have survived a tidal wave, but they could have left for six months and then returned to rescue her, and it would have been four minutes to her. I wondered much science Anne Hathaway actually knows. I also thought about the lost information when Murph was not looking at the watch. I enjoyed watching “Interstellar” again, although it was exhausting. At least Christopher Nolan was trying something big and great, and he consulted a real scientist for the project. “Interstellar” doesn’t replace “2001: A Space Odyssey” in my memory, but it is a movie that I wouldn’t mind watching once every year for a while. I thought that the moment when the shuttle hit the ice cloud felt like something out of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. I heard this morning that people were turned away from Super Bowl City last night because the place was filled to capacity with 15,000 people. I saw Dylan Dreyer talking with Jerry Rice. There are a lot of things happening tonight on the eve of the Super Bowl. Some of the people who died on February 6 include Gustav Klimt (1918), Hugo Montenegro (1981), Danny Thomas (1991), Arthur Ashe (1993), Joseph Cotten (1994), Jack Kirby (1994), Falco (1998), Carl Wilson (1998), Frankie Laine (2007), and James Whitmore (2009). Today is a birthday for Axl Rose (54), Robert Townsend (59), Fabian (73), Tom Brokaw (76), Mike Farrell (77), and Zsa Zsa Gabor (99). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for February 6, the Righteous Brothers had the Number One single in 1965 with “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’.” In 1990, Billy Idol ran a stop sign and crashed his motorcycle, suffering a broken arm and leg. In 1991, Danny Thomas died from a heart attack at age 79. In 2003, ABC aired “Living with Michael Jackson.”

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