Golden State Warriors 116, Oklahoma City Thunder 108

I saw a feature on Alice Waters on the CBS This Morning show. I looked up the American Top 40 playlist for the weekend. The Top 10 songs on February 10, 1973 were “Could It Be I’m Falling in Love,” “Don’t Expect Me to Be Your Friend,” “Trouble Man,” “The World is a Ghetto,” “Do It Again,” “Superstition,” “Oh, Babe, What Would You Say?,” “Why Can’t We Live Together,” “You’re So Vain,” and “Crocodile Rock.” I did my laundry and shopped for some groceries. I watched the Star Trek animated episode “The Survivor.” After taking a nap, I went out to catch the 1 bus to the Fruitvale BART station. The bus driver must have been the slowest driver in the world. The Coliseum and Oracle Arena were both holding events on this Saturday evening. Music fans were in the stadium, while sports fans were in the arena for the Warriors and the Thunder. The crowd arrived earlier than usual. I went over to the team store and commemorative book for twenty dollars. I went to my seat. It seemed that there were quite a few Carolina Panthers fans in the building. The Thunder got off to a strong start, scoring the first nine points of the game. The Warriors got things going, though, and made a nice run at the end of the first quarter to take a five-point lead at 36-31. They continued to build their lead, as they had their highest-scoring quarter to the night in the second. At halftime, it was 73-59. We had seen Beyonce and Jay-Z. During the intermission, I sent out some text messages and heard the choir out on the court singing “O Happy Day.” The Warriors didn’t have such a good third period, as they scored only 18 points, allowing the Thunder to get back into the game. After three quarters, the score was 91-83. In the fourth quarter, the Thunder closed in, and the woman next to me to my left got uncomfortable when it was a four-point game. The one problem that the Warriors have is the number of turnovers they commit. Stephen Curry threw a few bad passes. The Thunder got to within one point in the late going. We would see Kate Hudson on the scoreboard screen. She revealed her Denver Broncos knit cap, which inspired quite a few boos among the crowd. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson made key plays, and the Warriors won by eight points, 116-108. The crowd was happy. We also got to see Jim Harbaugh and Kendrick Lamarr. Some fans got an autographed shoe. I heard the news that Ken Stabler was going into the football Hall of Fame. I hurried to the BART station to get home quickly. I had the Super Bowl to think about. The plan is to get up early, have breakfast, and get out to the Amtrak station to get to Santa Clara. It should be a sunny and warm afternoon there. I saw a lot of visitors from Charlotte and from Denver during the day. I wanted to get a good night’s rest. Some of the people who died on February 7 include Walter Lang (1972), Matt Monro (1985), Bobby Troup (1999), Doug Henning (2000), and Dale Evans (2001). Today is a birthday for Chris Rock (51), Garth Brooks (54), James Spader (56), and Emo Philips (60). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for February 7, The Beatles landed at JFK Airport in New York City in 1964. In 1970, Shocking Blue had the Number One single, “Venus.” In 1974, the Mel Brooks film “Blazing Saddles” was released. In 1980, Pink Floyd performed at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Auditorium in support of their album “The Wall.”

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