Dont Look Back

I spent the day doing rather meaningless work and getting tired. When I returned home, I saw Joan Collins on the Tonight Show from July 28, 1983. I couldn’t stop looking at her neck. She mentioned the Star Trek episode that she had been in. I went out to buy a burrito, and then I came back to watch the Blu-ray of “Dont Look Back,” the Bob Dylan documentary. It made Dylan seem like he was the center of everything. I liked the footage of him at the voter registration rally in Greenwood, Mississippi on July 6, 1963. He is a skinny young man singing “Only a Pawn in Their Game.” I didn’t know how the audience was going to react to him the first time I saw this movie, but they applauded him. Joan Baez sings “Love is Just a Four-Letter Word.” Some of the best recordings I’ve heard of her were Bob Dylan songs. I like Donovan, but next to Dylan he seems like a minor pop star. Donovan sings “To Sing for You,” which is a good tune, but it doesn’t have the power or significance of “The Times They Are A-Changin’” or the other Dylan songs in the film. Dylan dealt with the media in a way that a young man would in 1965, still getting arguments instead of feeling worn down and going through the motions. I’m not sure we really want to see him dealing with fame. There is only so much of Bob Dylan I really want to see, anyway. I don’t really want much more than seeing him up on the stage singing his songs. I think that seeing him in the Sam Peckinpah film and then going through his born again phase made me not so eager to hear everything he had to say. Some of the people who died on February 25 include Mark Rothko (1970), Tennessee Williams (1983), James Coco (1987), Haing S. Ngor (1996), and Darren McGavin (2006). Today is a birthday for Téa Leoni (50) and John Doe (62). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for February 25, Sid Caesar’s “Your Show of Shows” made its debut on NBC in 1950. In 1957, Buddy Holly recorded his “That’ll Be the Day” single, which would become his only Number One hit. In 1963, the Beatles released their first single in the United States, “Please Please Me.” In 1977, the Paul Newman movie “Slap Shot” was released. In 1993, Toy Caldwell died of cocaine ingestion at his home in Moore, South Carolina.

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