Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The rain didn’t come down too hard, and I got some work done. After the lecture, I made my way home and browsed through the record store. I bought the mono CDs of The Beatles’ “Revolver,” “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” and “Magical Mystery Tour.” I walked over to the theatre for the Flashback Feature of the night, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” I kept thinking of how I am younger than Jim Carrey but older than Kate Winslet. Somehow, I didn’t see her character working at a Barnes and Noble, although she was convincing as an American. I found it rather hard to see the two of them making a connection. I thought that Kate, or Clementine, had a good scene in a cowgirl outfit. It was funny to see Mark Ruffalo in this movie so soon after I had seen him in “Spotlight.” I think I prefer seeing him in comedies. I’m not sure I can ever take him seriously. Elijah Wood plays such an annoying and self-centered character. I kept thinking of how those guys were unprofessional in talking and drinking during Joel’s procedure. It seems that they could have erased all kinds of things from his mind while they were at it. I thought about the circus elephants that we would not be seeing anymore. If a woman changed her hair color often, I would see that as a sign to stay away from her. I saw Mary’s actions at the end as irresponsible because people could have deeper reasons for wanting certain memories erased. She was reacting emotionally. It was curious how admiration could quickly turn to anger. I thought she was being like an Edward Snowden. I guess there was more to Mary’s relationship with Howard, Mary’s relationship with Stan, and Joel’s relationship with Naomi. It seemed like a real task to keep track of all the images from the drawing to the coffee cup to the CD of Tom Waits’ “Rain Dogs.” One scene I liked was the Barnes and Noble with the blank books on the shelf. Clementine calls herself a book slave. I didn’t feel the sadness of the erasure until the beach. I don’t think that I could have good memories of lying down on ice. Clementine seemed like someone who would exhaust me. When you see this movie several times, it doesn’t seem so jam packed with a lot of detail and excessive. I think that the pairing of Jim Carrey with Kate Winslet isn’t ideal. I found it hard to think of him as some sad sack person whose life is lifted up by some woman with blue hair. One of the things I remember about Stan was his comment on The Clash. The soundtrack reminded me of how much I liked Beck’s “Sea Change” album. I noticed that two of the shirts that Joel wore were for The Who’s Tommy and the KISS album “Love Gun.” I wondered if Lacuna could do the opposite of what they were doing and actually implant memories into people’s minds. I could see numerous problems with this. The movie was fun to watch although it wasn’t the overwhelming experience that it originally was years ago. I noted that the title came from a poem by Alexander Pope. I saw Barbara Hershey on the Tonight Show from May 17, 1990. I noticed that my home phone was working once again. That was good to see, although I lost five days waiting for it. I listened to the news on the radio. The rain is supposed to go on for a few more days. I watched Stephen Colbert talk to one of his teachers from 1974. Some of the people who died on March 11 include F.W. Murnau (1931), Alexander Fleming (1955), Oscar Meyer (1955), Erle Stanley Gardner (1970), Richard Brooks (1992), Vince Edwards (1996), and Merlin Olsen (2010). Today is a birthday for Bobby McFerrin (66). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for March 11, the Supremes were Number One on the singles chart in 1967 with “Love is Here and Now You’re Gone.” In 1972, Nilsson had the Number One single, “Without You.” In 1978, Andy Gibb’s single “Love is Thicker Than Water” was Number One on the charts. In 1989, Debbie Gibson had the Number One single, “Lost in Your Eyes.”

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