The Divergent Series: Allegiant

I watched CBS This Morning for the chef segment.  Patrick O’Connell’s signature recipes include Chicken with Morels, Wild Rice Pecan Pilaf, Truffled Popcorn, Minted English Pea Soup, Chilled Asparagus Soup with Dijon Vinaigrette, Sautéed Turnips and Bok Choy, and Panna Cotta Parfaits with Red Fruit Jelly.  I looked up the American Top 40 playlist for the weekend.  The Top 10 songs on March 15, 1975 were “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You,” “Can’t Get It Out of My Head,” “Express,” “Lonely People,” “Lady,” “Lovin’ You,” “Have You Never Been Mellow,” “Lady Marmalade,” “My Eyes Adored You,” and “Black Water.”  I went to work and put in five hours.  Afterwards, I took the bus over to the Grand Lake Theatre to see “The Divergent Series: Allegiant.”  I arrived early and was the first one there for the 4:00 showing.  I didn’t think the movie was as bad as its reviews suggested, but I did get the feeling that this series has gone on for too long, and it isn’t even over yet.  We’re continuing to see this horrible trend of the last movie in a series being split into two parts.  One sickening thing to see is the older characters turning out to be so horrible.  Jeff Daniels is David, who gains Tris’ respect for his plan to see the world, although money comes into play.  That was a tiresome cliché.  Somebody could have given this plot some more juice.  The whole relationship between Tris and Four was laughable and rather nauseating.  What I saw was violence and then kissing.  I saw something like that in the television series “Alias.”  Four reminded me of James Franco, and I think I would have preferred seeing James Franco, based on “The Interview.”  The characters acted stupidly.  You don’t stand around waiting to get shot.  I supposed an area that was radioactive 200 years ago may not be deadly at the present, but I would be concerned.  For a group of people that thought they were going to save Chicago, they were dangerously violent.  They killed people and didn’t seem to feel anything about it, as if they knew how to play video games.  Naomi Watts’ character was a complete fool, which was pretty painful to see, because I’ve liked watching her in numerous other films.  I saw Jeff Daniels in “The Martian” and now here.  He’s getting to be a fixture in science fiction films, although he plays men who have too much authority who are not especially interesting.  I really despised a lot of the CGI effects.  I think I hated the drones most of all.  It was armed conflict with flicking movements, as if the world was a big cell phone.  Miles Teller’s character was a dick, of course, and it was discouraging to see him play this foolish person after he was so good in “Whiplash.”  I found the whole bit with the memory-erasing substance being released into the air to be a bad idea for the movie.  I imagined one of those old-time movies with the film going backward, rather like “I Dream of Jeannie” with the smoke going back into the bottle.  I thought that Jeff Daniels had a bit of James Bond’s Blofeld in him.  He seems to be able to make his escape even when everyone else around him is killed.  Yes, I am sick of these movies in which an older generation is all wrong and is destroying the world, while it’s up to the young people to save the day.  It’s almost like an old Disney movie, except worse.  Everyone seems to be taking the action so seriously, except maybe for Miles Teller.  This is one time that the a Shailene Woodley characters behaves so stupidly.  Her precious Four pleads for her to separate herself from the untrustworthy David.  What is supposed to be so great about this Four person, anyway?  It sounded as if some of the young people in the audience liked the movie.  I can’t say that it was anything great.  I was getting the elements of Allegiant, The Maze Runner, and The Hungers Games confused.  They are all bleeding into each other, as far as I can see.  I went to the grocery store before returning home.  I saw the Warriors lose a game in San Antonio.  The announcers said that the Spurs played great defense, but I didn’t hear them mention that it was the second game in two nights on the road for the Warriors.  The Star Trek episode of the night was “Errand of Mercy.”  I liked how the episode ended with Kirk and Spock discussing what had happened.  When I saw the Partridge Family episode with Bobby Sherman, I was greatly annoyed that the last segment was missing.  The original air date of the episode was March 19, 1971, which led me to wonder how 45 years have passed so quickly.  I watched the end of the Carpenters television special again.  The songs from 1979 and 1981 didn’t have that warm and direct quality of their best records.  I’m not too sure they should have done those television specials.  They should have been digging up new sources for songs for Karen’s voice.  “Moscow on the Hudson” was on one of the channels, but I didn’t want to watch it again.  It seemed that I have been seeing a lot of Robin Williams lately.  We’ve been seeing a lot of news about the problems with the BART system, which has aged quite a bit during the past 44 years.  I thought of those old ticket vending machines which they had for so many years.  It took them a long time to replace them.  I still haven’t adjusted to Daylight Saving Time yet.  I feel exhausted every morning, and it is very difficult to get out of bed.  I keep hoping I will get a lot done during this spring break.  Some of the people who died on March 20 include Chet Huntley (1974), Gil Evans (1988), and Georges Delerue (1992).  Today is a birthday for Holly Hunter (58), Spike Lee (59), Louis Sachar (62), Bobby Orr (68), Louis Lowry (79), and Vera Lynn (99).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for March 20, John Lennon and Yoko One were married in 1969.  In 1990, Gloria Estefan broke her back when a truck plowed into the back of her tour bus.  In 1991, Michael Jackson signed the biggest record contract in music history with Sony Records.  Also in 1991, Eric Clapton’s four-year-old son Conor died when he fell from an open window on the 49th floor of a New York condominium.

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