Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I was sleepy and want ready for work, but I had to go.  I was asked to stay for an extra hour, but I didn’t want it.  I had a plan to go over to the Grand Lake Theatre afterwards.  I was glad to get out of there, but I was hungry.  After the bus ride, I walked over to Kentucky Fried Chicken and bought two Chicken Littles for $3.70.  That was enough to get me through a few hours.  I bought a ticket for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”  It took a lot of its inspiration from the Frank Miller graphic novel from 1986, “The Dark Knight Returns.”  I didn’t see Robin, however.  I’ve heard that Ben Affleck has been getting good reviews for his performance as Batman.  I didn’t see it as being anything special, however, as he just seemed to be very angry.  I didn’t think that anyone could make me miss Christian Bale, but I’d say that Affleck did exactly that.  Jeremy Irons didn’t compare with Michael Caine, either.  I was getting tired of seeing superheroes reined in and feared.  You really don’t want to have to witness a Congressional hearing in a superhero movie.  That was the kind of thing that brought down the Star Wars series.  It felt like the movie was heavy on the dialogue at times, making the kids in the audience feel restless.  I’m not sure that the little kids should even have been watching this movie with all its violence.  Holly Hunter playing a senator made me think of how time has passed.  It’s certainly been a long time since “Broadcast News,” and I was also thinking of “The Piano,” which felt like a landmark.  Jesse Eisenberg was Lex Luthor, and he certainly was nothing like Gene Hackman, and was in fact irritating in the way he echoed Mark Zuckerberg.  The new movie villains can use technology to get what they want.  Amy Adams was Lois Lane.  I could accept the fact that she had the wrong hair color, but I was getting sick of the trend of a lot of people knowing the superheroes’ secret identities.  I guess it does reflect the modern world, with no secrets in the information age.  I couldn’t stand the bathtub scene, which for a split second made me think of “Last Tango in Paris.”  Were we supposed to think that Clark Kent was so wild and crazy for stepping into the tub with his clothes on?  The really annoying thing about this movie is that it doesn’t deliver on what it promises us.  Batman is overmatched in the duel, except for the secret weapons.  He should have known that he would have to go for the quick kill, but he goes on with the punching.  It’s also incredibly irritating that a Justice League of America movie is being set up.  Wonder Woman holds her own in the fighting, although it looked like she didn’t suffer a scratch.  I wondered if that was a bit of sexism, actually, because of a fear of seeing a wounded woman.  What if she got her belly gashed in the fight?  She did make me miss Lynda Carter and the old outfit of hers.  I wonder why everyone in the world doesn’t know that Diana Prince is Wonder Woman because she doesn’t wear a mask.  The idea of seeing Aquaman in a sequel made me think of Raj in The Big Bang Theory, and what he had to say about Aquaman.  Diane Lane was Martha Kent.  It didn’t seem that long ago that she was in “The Outsiders” as a young woman, and now she’s old enough to play a mother of an adult.  I was glad that she didn’t have an artificial look about her.  However, the worst idea of the movie involves the name Martha.  It was truly ridiculous and merited the laughs it got from the audience.  Kevin Costner doesn’t have the great presence that Glenn Ford did in my memory.  Laurence Fishburne was Perry White.  I actually don’t like the way that some of these characters have their ethnicities changed, namely from white to something else.  I think that comic book writers should create more characters with diverse ethnicities instead of doing this changing.  A fresh slate and more energy is what I want to see.  The last shot of the movie was a letdown because the storytellers are doing a magic trick and not giving us anything we can believe in.  It’s like we expect deception and plots that aren’t not real or committed.  The dream scenes were terrible, too.  I thought they were comical, like something out of Luis Buñuel, although probably not intended to be humorous.  We have to accept a lot of things that don’t seem to make sense in this movie.  It made me think back to my childhood and the movie giving us Godzilla vs. King Kong.  Some people in the theatre did applaud the movie at the end, although it didn’t match the response of the last Star Wars movie.  If you’re thinking about staying until the end of the credits for a teaser, you won’t see one, unlike in the Marvel world.  I wondered how they would handle the Superman and Clark Kent story in future movies, and I had the feeling it would be something lame.  Henry Cavill had the most impressive physique of anyone who’s ever played Superman, although I couldn’t bring myself to like him.  I stared at his forehead and eyebrows the whole time.  He was troubled, but for a reporter, he seemed awfully inarticulate.  I felt that the movie drained me of all my energy.  The showing began at 3:30, and I left the theatre at 6:00.  After I got home, I saw on television the Big Bang Theory gang doing some basket weaving.  I watched Garry Shandling’s first appearance on the Tonight Show on March 18, 1981.  I watched the Partridge Family episode “Dora, Dora, Dora,” which was also Brian Forster’s first episode.  A lot of viewers must have learned about Jeremy’s replacement through the change in the opening credits, which also featured the new theme song.  I also watched the NUMB3RS episode “The Fifth Man.”  Don was injured, suffering a stab wound.  He had a brush with death in the hospital.  A photograph inspired Charlie to write notes on his moving boxes.  Some of the people who died on March 26 include Ludwig van Beethoven (1827), Walt Whitman (1892), Raymond Chandler (1959), John Kennedy Toole (1969), B. Traven (1969), Noel Coward (1973), Jan Berry (2004), Robert Fagles (2008), and Geraldine Ferraro (2011).  Today is a birthday for Jennifer Grey (56), Martin Short (66), Vicki Lawrence (67), Steven Tyler (68), Diana Ross (72), James Caan (76), and Nancy Pelosi (76).

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