Golden State Warriors 117, Philadelphia 76ers 105

I got up early and started grading some papers.  I hate the beginning of Daylight Saving Time.  I got a phone call from my father, who told me more about my brother’s estate and the financial plan he had for me.  He thinks I’ll have plenty of money for retirement.  I sometimes question whether I’ll live long enough to see that retirement.  I thought about Sally Field in “Hello, My Name is Doris.”  I wondered if Doris had any sort of second career in mind.  I didn’t go through my Sunday routine because I had a Warriors game to go to on a Sunday night.  I watched the Partridge Family episodes “Swiss Family Partridge” and “Ain’t Loveth Grand.”  In the first episode, Laurie offers to give up her food ration, which I thought was rather funny.  In the second episode, the movie playing at the Royal Theater was “Billion Dollar Raccoon.”  Some of the businesses on my street were closed due to Easter Sunday.  I bought a slice of pizza and sat down on a bench to eat it before heading to the BART station.  The train stopped at the Coliseum station on the opposite side of the platform than its usual.  I got to the Oracle Arena before the doors opened.  I headed for the team store, where the security guard saw me and called me “boss.”  I was looking for a lanyard but instead bought a drawstring backpack.  I headed for my seat and watched Franco Finn and Ruby Lopez.  Ruby looked like she had gained weight.  This was my first sports event since the Super Bowl.  The usual group of fans wasn’t sitting next to me to my left.  I suppose the prospect of seeing the Philadelphia 76ers wasn’t too appealing.  They have won only two more games than the Warriors have lost this season.  A very loud 76ers fan sat behind me to my right and kept yelling that Stephen Curry was overrated.  The 76ers did play a pretty good first quarter, and Curry would miss some shots, and he did make a bad pass behind his back.  The 76ers took a lead at 16-15, but the Warriors would still end the quarter with the lead at 32-31.  It took part of the second quarter until the Warriors asserted themselves and built a ten-point lead.  Klay Thompson was putting up quite a few points, and Marresse Speights was pleasing the crowd.  The half ended with the score at 71-55.  We watched a group of kids take the court during halftime, and smallest kid with a yellow jersey got some cheers from the crowd for his effort, but he couldn’t make a shot.  He had to make an effort with both arms to heave the ball up towards the hoop.  The third quarter saw the Warriors outscore the 76ers by one point, pretty much ending the game.  One of the only memorable moments was the elderly couple on the Kiss Cam.  There was no real suspense in the fourth quarter, except that we wanted to see how many points Klay Thompson would score.  It was 40.  Curry with all of his missed shots still ended up with 20 points.  The 76ers scored five more points than the Warriors did in that last quarter, and the final score was 117-105.  The result was certainly what everyone expected.  Fans are looking ahead in the schedule, as they want to see the Warriors reach 73 wins.  My next game at the Oracle Arena will be with the Boston Celtics.  Both the Warriors and Spurs could go 41-0 at home this season, breaking the record of 40-1 of the Celtics in 1986.  There was still some light in the sky when the game ended and we exited the building.  I thought about the work week ahead.  I heard that Syracuse won their basketball game against Virginia.  The Final Four is in Houston, as is the next year’s Super Bowl.  I saw students with suitcases returning from their spring break.  I certainly didn’t feel like getting up early on a Monday morning and facing a day of work.  I ate a burrito and a salad.  I watched a bit of the Columbo episode “Étude in Black” with John Cassavetes.  I knew that he was making a mistake when he picked up the flower to put in his lapel.  I missed the Tonight Show rerun from March 21, 1974, with McLean Stevenson, Gene Hackman, and George Carlin.  It would be shown again at 10:30, but I didn’t want to stay up for it.  I just wanted to get to sleep early and wake up in the morning with a little bit of energy.  I can hardly believe that I have to get through two more months of the academic year.  The first three months of 2016 have moved along at a snail’s pace.  Some of the people who died on March 28 include Virginia Woolf (1941), Jim Thorpe (1953), Dwight D. Eisenhower (1969), Emmett Kelly (1979), Marc Chagall (1985), Eugene Ionesco (1994), Peter Ustinov (2004), and Earl Scruggs (2012).  Today is a birthday for Nick Frost (44) and Reba McEntire (61).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for March 28, “Rocky” won the Best Picture Oscar in 1977, with the Best Original Screenplay award going to “Network,” and a posthumous Best Actor Oscar awarded to Peter Finch.  In 2013, Richard Griffiths, who was Vernon Dursley in the Harry Potter films, died at age 65 after complications following heart surgery.

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