Liam Hendriks’ Rough Inning

I woke up and watched some television.  I was getting ready to leave for the Coliseum.  I took the BART train to West Oakland, and from there transferred to the train to the stadium.  Thursday games seem like they’re not going to be as much fun this year because they don’t have the Throwback Thursday buttons to give away anymore.  I was hungry this time and so bought a hot dog and a bottle of water.  It didn’t feel very substantial, but I felt OK and ready to sit through a game.  Kendall Graveman was the starting pitcher for the A’s, and his first five innings were very good.  One discouraging thing we saw from the home team was two errors, one by Marcus Semien, and the other by Danny Valencia.  On offense, the A’s managed nothing in the first four innings.  The only person who reached base in that time was Josh Reddick by way of an error.  In the fifth inning, Chris Coghlan got the A’s first hit of the game, and Semien drew a walk, but then Coco Crisp hit into a force play.  In the sixth inning, Graveman gave up a walk on four pitches, and then a home run, giving the White Sox a 2-0 lead.  He got another out before Bob Melvin decided to bring in Francisco Rodriguez, who got five consecutive outs.  In the bottom of the seventh inning, Valencia walked and moved to second on a wild pitch.  Stephen Vogt singled, with Valencia moved to third base.  Coghlan struck out on three pitches.  Melvin tried to seize the scoring chance with two pinch-hitters, but Mark Canha and Andrew Lambo both made outs.  Marc Rzepczynski pitched the top of the eighth inning, and he gave up a double before getting one out.  Ryan Dull came in and got two strikeouts, keeping the score at 2-0.  In the bottom of the inning, Coco Crisp walked, but Burns, Lowrie, and Reddick made three consecutive outs.  It was the top of the ninth that turned into the nightmare inning.  Liam Hendriks allowed a single to the first batter.  He got a strikeout, but then gave up five consecutive hits, and four runs.  That was the ballgame.  The A’s managed to avoid the shutout with hits from Valencia and Coghlan.  The final score was 6-1.  The game started at 12:37 and ended at 3:43.  Attendance was 12,577.  Ken Korach had praised the A’s relief pitchers up until Hendriks had his bad performance.  Some of the people who died on April 8 include Gaetano Donizetti (1848), Pablo Picasso (1973), Ben Johnson (1996), Laura Nyro (1997), Malcolm McLaren (2010), and Margaret Thatcher (2013).  Today is a birthday for Patricia Arquette (48), Robin Wright (50), and Julian Lennon (53).

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