Det sjunde inseglet

I went out to a staff development day.  We did get a free lunch, and we got to walk on the roof to take in the view.  In the raffle, I won a cup.  I went over to the record store and browsed.  I bought the Criterion Collection Blu-ray edition of “Paths of Glory,” Blu-ray copies of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and “Magic in the Moonlight,” and a Bruce Springsteen CD of “Chimes of Freedom.”  I went home to watch the Blu-ray disc of “The Seventh Seal.”  It was one of the greatest of the Bergman films, and it looked very good in high definition.  I thought that if I had a chance to remake it, I would cast it with Ruger Hauer and Eli Wallach.  I wondered why the squire turned the head of the man on the ground.  Is that the way he would approach any person he didn’t know?  Would Death really be a good chess player?  He would be very relentless, but I don’t know if that necessarily makes him great at strategy.  I would think that the queen and knight would be a more powerful combination than bishop and knight, but not the right symbolism.  The quiet moment of having strawberries and milk also made me think of “Cries and Whispers.”  Some of this stuff is not too far from a Monty Python parody.  I was never too sure about Bergman’s sense of humor.  The wife was similar to Liv Ullmann.  Block should have kept quiet about his strategy no matter who he thought he was talking to.  I came to this movie by way of Woody Allen’s “Love and Death,” although I didn’t know it for years.  Gunnar Fischer’s work was truly remarkable.  The eagle in the sky to begin the film was an image that became imprinted in my memory.  Bergman filmed a lot of his classics in black and white, although the color films that I recall that were impressive were “Cries and Whispers,” “The Magic Flute,” “Face to Face,” and “Fanny and Alexander.”  I could not like “The Serpent’s Egg.”  Foreign films aren’t like this anymore.  They don’t make this kind of impact on us.  In fact, most films don’t try to make a very deep impression upon the audience.  Is there a notable Swedish director around these days?  Working on “The Seventh Seal” supposedly relieved Bergman of his fear of death.  I don’t see how directing a movie can do that.  In fact, I think that working on a movie like “The Seventh Seal” would increase my fear of death about a million times.  I’m not sure that working with the likes of Max von Sydow would make me feel any better.  I keep thinking about his scenes in “Hannah and Her Sisters.”  I heard the news that Muhammad Ali had died.  I am not going to readily state that he was a hero because I don’t think of any boxers that way.  I thought of him as a colorful character, and outrageous, and hilarious when he dealt with Howard Cosell.  I watched the Partridge Family episode “I Can Get It for You Retail.”  Laurie made a reference to The Mod Squad.  Danny and Keith both supposedly had their hair cut, but it looked like their hair hadn’t been touched at all.  Watching the Bergman film made me too tired to watch NUMB3RS or Dick Cavett.  I thought about what to do this weekend, and when to go out to see the X-Men movie.  Some of the people who died on June 4 include Dorothy Gish (1968), Ronnie Laine (1997), and John Wooden (2010).  Today is a birthday for Angelina Jolie (41).

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