X-Men: Apocalypse

I watched some television, and there were still a lot of reports and commentary about the death of Muhammad Ali.  My parents phoned me, and we talked a bit about lymphoma.  I walked over to the library and encountered a person who yelled at passersby, attracting the attention of the police.  I walked on to the grocery store and watched people setting up tents for a book fair.  I wanted to come back for the macaroni and cheese.  I listened to the radio for an hour and watched Match Game.  I wanted to see what Debralee Scott had to say.  I took the bus out to the Grand Lake Theatre.  Because of baseball games last weekend, I wasn’t able to go to see “X-Men: Apocalypse,” and I was catching up.  I didn’t like the opening sequence very much.  Construction was difficult in ancient times, and I couldn’t stand the thought of all that effort coming to nothing.  The plot of this movie was something I couldn’t really care about too much.  Watching all these young people with special powers gathered in one place felt like a Monty Python parody of a sort.  I thought that maybe Jennifer Lawrence has appeared in too many movies during the past three years or so.  The guy who was Marvel’s version of The Flash was pretty amusing, and I liked the way he rescued people from an explosion.  There was an atmosphere of 1983, with the computers and the Eurythmics on the soundtrack.  We saw some of the students leaving the theatre that was showing “Return of the Jedi,” and they agreed that the third movie is always the worst.  I wondered if that was some kind of commentary on this series and how it was perceived.  There was quite a bit of violence, but not much blood, so as to retain a PG-13 rating.  The presence of Wolverine would indicate more hard and scary violence.  Rose Byrne has been everyone the past couple of years, and I thought that I enjoyed seeing her the most in “Neighbors.”  In fact, I could hardly take her seriously in this movie was seeing her in “Neighbors.”  I wanted to like the part of the plot involving Magneto because the character always makes me think of the Paul McCartney song “Magneto and Titanium Man.”  Somehow, I felt confident that the world would not come to an end, because otherwise there couldn’t be any more Marvel movies.  I wondered if transporting people with super speed harmed them at all.  I thought there could be some brain damage.  Also, Nightcrawler might have made people sick after moving them around.  I wondered if Jennifer Lawrence’s face had changed since her last X-Men movie.  I’m finding it difficult to believe her in her roles.  She’s too famous now.  I’m getting tired of these movies after a few years.  I feel that Marvel is churning out the movies too quickly.  This movie didn’t attract much of a crowd on a Sunday, although maybe people were gathering together so that they could watch the Warriors game.  The movie felt too long, and I was cautious to get home.  I ate two veggie burgers and walked a bit of the basketball game before turning to Robert Hilburn’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Times program.  He played songs from people who birthdays were in June, like Brian Wilson, Curtis Mayfield, Prince, Ice Cube, and Paul McCartney.  He shouldn’t have included “It Was a Good Day” if it was going to be cleaned up for its language.  The Warriors were ahead in the score, 100-69, so it was a runaway.  When I turned to the television, I saw an episode with Patrick McGoohan and Leslie Nielson.  It looked like Barbara Rhoads was in it, also.  Some of the people who died on June 6 include Louis Lumière (1948), Carl Jung (1961), Robert F. Kennedy (1968), Jack Haley (1979), Stan Getz (1991), James Bridges (1993), Anne Bancroft (2005), Billy Preston (2006), and Esther Williams (2013).  Today is a birthday for Paul Giamatti (49).

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