After “Le Mans” ended, The Jim Nabors Show was on television, but I couldn’t stand the thought of watching it.  I turned to the Blu-ray discs on my shelf and decided to watch “Help!”  I remember it for the songs “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away,” “Ticket to Ride,” and “Help!”  There was some breaking down of the fourth wall.  I found it hard to imagine that the four Beatles would want to live together.  They must have been really sick of each other at that point.  I didn’t see why John would want to spend time reading his own book, much less have multiple copies of the book lying about.  I suppose the movie isn’t really supposed to make sense, but the trips to the Alps and the Bahamas come out of nowhere.  It would have been good if the music and the story had meshed together somewhat.  I thought it was kind of amusing that “She’s a Woman” was playing on tape below the ground while the band was playing a different song up above.  The elements in the movie seemed thrown together hastily, and The Beatles were going through it without commitment.  I imagined that they were tired.  The movie looked pretty good on Blu-ray, and the sound quality was better than the last time I saw it.  Some ideas from “A Hard Day’s Night” were repeated, namely some of the songs.  I did like the use of Beethoven and Rossini.  Some of Ringo’s drumming came across more clearly than before.  I wondered if George risked any kind of injury as he hung onto that car.  I’m not too sure that The Beatles would have been very good in a Western.  I didn’t see how their music could fit in very well with that kind of concept.  They might have been good in that Three Musketeers movie.  In all that confusion on the beach, I lost track of what happened to the ring.  I’m glad that The Beatles concentrated on their music rather than appear in a lot of movies the way that Elvis Presley did.

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