Le Mans

I went to work, where we talked for a few minutes about Pokemon Go.  I didn’t want to get sucked into playing this game.  After my late lunch, I went over to Barnes and Noble to see what they had in Criterion Collection Blu-ray discs.  I bought a copy of “Easy Rider.”  Back at home, I watched “Le Mans.”  As far as your plots go, this one was extremely weak.  The attraction is the race footage.  It was good to see real cars and real crowds of people, although it’s very hard to make car racing exciting on film.  There is no real plot to the film and no interesting dialogue.  Steve McQueen has a few good moments, when he says nothing to a reporter, and when he says to Lisa, “Lot of people go through life doing things badly.  Racing is important to men who do it well.  When you’re racing, it’s life.  Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.”  In the scenes where fans are asking for his autograph, I kept waiting for someone to call him Steve.  This movie feels like a documentary.  I imagined how hard it was to work for the pit crew.  I kept thinking that if I were there, I would injure my fingers.  McQueen gave the Two Finger Salute at the end, although I’m not sure what he meant by doing it, just like I’m not clear about anything in this movie.  A real documentary called “Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans” was released last year.  I seemed that the Le Mans production was a disaster with the conflict with the director, the financial problems, and the effect on McQueen’s marriage.  I’m not sure you should ever pursue your passion with film projects unless there’s a good chance that you can at least break even financially.  Some of the people who died on July 12 include Alexander Hamilton (1804), Ted Mack (1976), Minnie Riperton (1979), John Chancellor (1996), and Harvey Pekar (2010).  Today is a birthday for Cheryl Ladd (65).

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