Fantastic Mr. Fox

I saw that Get TV was showing “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” again from its pilot episode on Tuesday.  I sat down at the office for a while before buying some groceries.  Since it was $5 Day at the movies, I went over to the Grand Lake Theatre to catch the 2:30 showing of “The BFG.”  It followed “The Legend of Tarzan.”  I had forgotten to mention the guy from “Guardians of the Galaxy” who was in that movie.  Anyway, the Spielberg movie did have some magic in it, like the part where they’re catching the dreams.  I also liked Penelope Wilton.  It was a relief to see someone in the movies who is older than I am.  The girl who played Sophie was quite good.  Usually, I hate child actors because they don’t say their lines correctly, putting the emphasis on the wrong word and such.  I left the theatre at 4:30 and wanted to hurry home to catch the All-Star Game.  I listened to the radio as Gianna Franco tried to come up with the names of music stars from San Diego.  Almost all of the action in the game came down to three home runs.  The American League could have scored at least one more run if not for a double play.  It looked like Aaron Sanchez was throwing some bad pitches in giving up the last run of the game.  The National League had their chances with runners on second and third, but didn’t get the big hit.  I found all the interviews during the game to be extremely annoying.  Our attention is always being divided like that.  No wonder college students these days are so horrible.  Stephen Vogt didn’t even get into the game.  The positive news was that the commissioner voiced support for a new stadium in Oakland.  I am skeptical, however, because sentiment can change very quickly.  I watched a little bit of Tuesday Weld on The Dick Cavett Show, talking about not appearing in “Bonnie and Clyde” because she was caring for a baby, and getting pregnant after she stopped drinking.  I looked through my Blu-ray discs and decided to watch “Fantastic Mr. Fox.”  I enjoyed watching this movie again.  It was almost a coincidence that I was seeing two movies based on Roald Dahl books in one day.  The movement of the fur gives the animation a strange quality.  I always wondered what happened to all the dirt from all the digging.  I also thought about why foxes had to take chemistry class in high school and why they read newspapers.  It seemed that Mr. Fox destroyed everybody financially with his antics.  The use of music is always one of the interesting things in a Wes Anderson movie.  This one has two Beach Boys songs, “Heroes and Villains” and “I Get Around.”  There is also the Rolling Stones’ “Street Fighting Man,” which I now associate with “V for Vendetta.”  There is a bit of “Night and Day.”  The bits of Georges Delerue reminded me of Truffaut’s “Day for Night,” and I wondered if Noah Baumbach wanted that music on the soundtrack.  At the end, we hear Bobby Fuller’s “Let Her Dance,” which now makes me think of this movie whenever I hear it.  One thing I thought was amusing was how the foxes ate their food.  They weren’t neat eaters, and they left something on their plates.  I thought that George Clooney and Meryl Streep did very well with their character voices.  Bill Murray was Badger, and Willem Defoe was Rat.  The Blu-ray edition of this movie was very good.  I’m glad that I have it in my collection.  If I was on a desert island and could have only one Wes Anderson movie, “Fantastic Mr. Fox” would be the one.  I was too tired after it was over to watch the sports highlights on the news, or the discussion of Obama’s speech in Dallas, or “O Canada” at the All-Star Game.  Foolish singers should know better than to make political statements like that.  If you say that Human Lives Matter, you’ll heard it from the animal rights activists.  This morning I picked up the East Bay Express and looked through the movie section.  I am interested in seeing “Café Society,” “Microbe and Gasoline,” and “Ghostbusters.”  Some of the people who died on July 13 include Arnold Schoenberg (1951), Frida Kahlo (1954), Red Buttons (2006), Richard D. Zanuck (2012), and Thomas Berger (2014).  Today is a birthday for Cheech Marin (70), Harrison Ford (74), and Patrick Stewart (76).

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