Star Trek Beyond

I watched CBS This Morning for the chef segment.  Tanya Holland’s signature dishes include B-side mustard BBQ pulled pork, Baked sweet potato wedges, Macaroni and cheese, BSK confetti cornbread, Peach and nectarine cobbler, Spicy green coleslaw, and The B-side.  I usually watch a Partridge Family episode on Friday, but because I left for the baseball game early and didn’t get back home until late, I was watching “I Am Curious Partridge” on a Saturday morning.  I liked the song “If You Ever Go.”  I looked up the American Top 40 playlist for the weekend.  The Top 10 songs on July 24, 1976 were “Let Her In,” “Rock and Roll Music,” “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” “Got to Get You Into My Life,” “Get Closer,” “Love is Alive,” “Moonlight Feels Right,” “I’ll Be Good to You,” “Afternoon Delight,” and “Kiss and Say Goodbye.”  I took the buses out to the Grand Lake Theatre for “Star Trek Beyond.”  I saw the twins who always go to A’s game, and one of them seemed to recognize me.  I thought the script for this movie wasn’t very strong.  The villain was forgettable, and the name Krall made me think he was related to the singer Diana Krall.  I really didn’t like seeing the relationship between Uhura and Spock, and I didn’t care to see anything about Sulu’s lifestyle.  One thing was wrong with the uniforms.  The ones that Spock and McCoy wore were too dark a shade of blue.  I liked seeing the skirt look after some of those other Star Trek uniforms.  What happens with the Enterprise was too drastic.  These people are treating the ship as if it’s disposable.  I didn’t like the swarm images that reminded me of “The Matrix.”  It seemed that in this plot, the characters are winging it in the middle of chaos, and so it seemed that the movie itself was sloppy.  Dr. McCoy made me wonder if he did anything meaningful.  I kept staring at Spock’s nose, which was a sign that I was getting bored with him.  I wondered if “Shaun of the Dead” was a template for this movie.  I couldn’t stand the way they dealt with the swarm at the end.  That had to be the worst idea in the script.  When I thought about it, the motorcycle was a bad idea, too, because you don’t find motorcycles just lying around the place, even in a science fiction movie.  Everything that happened inside the snow globe was foolish.  Some of it reminded me of “Labyrinth.”  I would have preferred seeing the Klingons or Harry Mudd rather Krall.  His entire character could have used a rewrite.  The movie was loud and didn’t feel like a Star Trek movie much of the time.  It’s a shame that they won’t bring back Chekov.  I’m not all that anxious to see the next Star Trek movie unless they change their approach.

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