I took the buses out to Jack London Square to see a movie.  For a while, it looked like I would be the only one to see the 1:10 showing of “Ghostbusters,” but with five minutes to go, two girls walked in.  One of them said, “All the good seats are taken.”  I thought the movie was better than I expected, although I expected something bad.  We had Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy as the Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray counterparts, the straight part and the goofy part, I guess.  I would agree that physics and the scientific method mean something, whereas studies of the paranormal are stupid.  Kate McKinnon was the gadget maker, although I couldn’t see how she could come up with all this stuff so quickly.  In this type of movie, we don’t see people do much work.  She also didn’t seem to know that the shape of a Pringle’s potato chip is not a parabola.  I have to admit that I thought that Leslie Jones would be loud and obnoxious and a bad fit based on what I saw of her on Match Game, but she was rather funny for the most part.  There seemed to be a separation between the educated white woman and this movie and everyone else.  The man who was hanging around was Thor, and I was tired of seeing him as a sex symbol and stupid.  Why couldn’t he be a reasonably intelligent human being?  Why couldn’t Leslie Jones be one of the ghostbusters with a Ph.D.?  This movie exists as if the original Ghostbusters movie had never existed, at least in its storyline.  It seems that in this technological age, they would have come up with this stuff sooner than 2016.  Even Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch and the gorilla had some rudimentary equipment back in 1975.  This edition had some scarier ghosts than back in 1984, and there was less of a sense of good-natured fun.  I hate it when they update the music and make it sound louder and faster and strip all the personality out of it.  I missed Ray Parker, Jr.  They kept a lot of the elements we saw in 1984, like the slime, the hearse, and even the marshmallow man.  I got rather tired of seeing these four women reach for their machines.  It certainly felt repetitive.  It was a funny idea to have the ghost show up at a heavy metal concert where the audience would think that the ghost was part of the act, but the scene was not as funny as it should have been.  I didn’t want to see four women ghostbusters for an entire movie.  Why couldn’t we see a diverse group, like everybody talks about?  It should be more like Sly and the Family Stone than the Go-Go’s.  Andy Garcia was the mayor of the city, which I thought was kind of funny, as I remembered him in the third Godfather movie.  Bill Murray played a minor character, and I didn’t think what happened to him was funny, even in a Monty Python way.  It seemed that these women should have been in a lot of legal trouble for their actions.  The actors playing major parts in the first movie had cameos, with the exception of Harold Ramis.  There was no actual love interest in the movie, and a soul was lacking from this story.  In the first movie, the ghostbusters become celebrities and local heroes, and in this one they get the opposite treatment, at least from city officials.  I rather wished they did something really different, like have the story in an exotic location or something like that.  The similarities with the original made this movie feel unnecessary, which it was.  The ghosts have no personalities, and they just float around and vomit some slime on Kristen in some scenes.  Diehard fans should stick around until the very end of the credits, because there is a teaser scene setting up an apparent sequel.  If you miss it, it’s not a huge deal.  The two girls who commented on the seating also stuck around for it, I saw.  I saw the titles “Fists of Fury” and “Willard” on theater marquees, although I didn’t see any significance.  I came away from the movie thinking that the four women did a good job together, although I had better memories of the original.  I think I would have liked someone like Lucy Liu or Michelle Rodriguez or Angelina Jolie as a ghostbuster.  Emma Stone would have been a good cast member.  I am not so eager to rush out and see a sequel.  I took the buses back home.  I stopped at the cupcake shop.  I saw that my Raiders tickets had arrived at my door while I was gone.  It came with a scarf.  I don’t think I will be going to the game I Mexico City.  I watched TMZ Live and their discussions about Dr. Dre and Lindsay Lohan.  I had to take a nap and discovered a rain delay for the A’s game in Texas.  Chris Townsend said he was angry when he read Ryan Madson’s comments about throwing a fastball to Adrian Beltre on Monday night.  Sonny Gray had one rough inning that turned a 5-0 game into a 5-3 game, but he escaped the sixth inning without giving up any more runs.  Liam Hendriks helped out, and Josh Reddick made a good catch to end the game.  Movies like “The Big Heat,” “Grumpy Old Men,” “Foxes,” and “American Gigolo” were on television.  I stayed up to watch the sports highlights.  I was not interested in the Olympic basketball team.  I certainly would not have paid big money to see them play China at the Oracle Arena.  Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards were on the Dick Cavett Show.  Blake Edwards was born on July 26, 1922.  I liked his sense of humor.  I think that I could watch “A Shot in the Dark” and “The Great Race” many more times.  The Columbo episode with Janet Leigh was on at 3 o’clock, but of course I couldn’t stay up to watch it.  Some of the people who died on July 27 include Gertrude Stein (1946), William Wyler (1981), James Mason (1984), Bob Hope (2003), and Jack Tatum (2010).  Today is a birthday for Maya Rudolph (44).

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