Ross Detwiler’s Gem

I was sore because of the stupid person who fell on me in the BART train on Tuesday night.  I went out to do my laundry.  I hung out at the library for a while.  After watching the game shows Match Game and Family Feud, I went out to the bus stop.  I had to wait longer than expected because of some accident with a wheelchair tipping over inside a bus.  I reached the Coliseum early and sat on a bench waiting for the gates to open.  The A’s starting pitcher was Ross Detwiler.  We were hoping to see him pitch six decent innings.  He ran into some quick trouble, giving up a single to the first batter, with the runner moving to second base on a wild pitch.  Detwiler gave up a double that went over Danny Valencia’s head in right field.  Valencia picked up the ball and threw to Max Muncy, who threw to Bruce Maxwell at home plate.  The runner was called safe, but after the play was reviewed, the call was reversed.  Detwiler got out of the inning with two ground balls, although he did throw a second wild pitch.  Detwiler allowed only a one-out single in the second inning, and he had a clean inning in the third.  In the first two innings on offense, the A’s got a two-out single from Yonder Alonso in the first inning, and a two-out walk from Max Muncy in the second.  They finally scored in the third inning.  With two outs, Marcus Semien doubled, and Alonso followed with another double to right field.  For the rest of the game, the A’s would get only three men on base: Jake Smolinski walked with one out in the fourth inning, Danny Valencia singled with two outs in the sixth, and Yonder Alonso walked with two outs in the eighth.  Some of the balls hit hard off Detwiler were hit right to some of the A’s out on the field, which is what happened to start the fourth inning.  Detwiler gave up two consecutive singles. For the rest of his eight innings, Detwiler would allow only a single to start the fifth inning, but he was helped out one out later with an unusual 4-9-6 force play.  Detwiler would finish his eight innings with twelve consecutive innings, including that unusual play that seemed like an error.  We saw another Big Head race, and I saw that the Rickey Henderson was the short Rickey Henderson.  Rollie Fingers has gotten back to dominating the race in recent times.  With Detwiler going eight innings, Bob Melvin only had to use one relief pitcher, who would turn out to be John Axford.  Axford made us feel uneasy when he went to a 2-0 count to the first batter in the top of the ninth inning before allowing a single.  He got a strikeout and a force out.  A fly out went out to left field, but Coco Crisp caught it to end the game.  It was a remarkable game, following another unlikely win for the home team.  This game began at 7:07 with a game time temperature of 61 degrees, and it ended at 9:31.  The attendance was 13,481.


Some of the people who died on August 11 include Edith Wharton (1937), Jackson Pollock (1956), Anne Ramsey (1988), Peter Cushing (1994), Mike Douglas (2006), and Robin Williams (2014).  Today is a birthday for Hulk Hogan (63), Steve Wozniak (66), and Ian McDiarmid (72).

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