Suicide Squad

I watched a little bit of “Roustabout” on television before going out to the office.  I hadn’t realized that Barbara Stanwyck had ever appeared in a movie with Elvis Presley.  I wondered if anyone informed Susan Slusser of the Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up.”  I took the buses out to Jack London to catch my last Tuesday movie for a while.  It was “Suicide Squad.”  It made me think of other movies, like “The Warriors,” “Escape From New York,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.”  Maybe there was a little bit of “48 Hours” and “The Dirty Dozen,” too.  Will Smith was Deadshot, the DC counterpart of Bullseye.  Margot Robbie was Harley Quinn, girlfriend of the Joker.  Diablo was like the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four, and there was also a crocodile man and another guy who uses boomerangs.  Another woman was a witch called the Enchantress.  One normal military man held this group together, and a woman calling the shots looked to me like Yaphet Kotto of “Live and Let Die.”  I guess all ethnicities have to be represented, so there’s an Asian woman who can handle a sword.  It is hard to believe that anyone would release this gang upon the world for any reason, even the impending end of the world.  I found Will Smith’s con man movie difficult to watch, but he was better in this one, although I preferred his comedy to his action.  Margot Robbie made me think of Anne Hathaway.  I thought she was better than expected in this movie.  I kept wondering how much they spent on music rights for this movie, because they had the Rolling Stones and Eminem.  In one scene, we hear Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me.”  There wasn’t that much to the story.  The suicide squad is sent to deal with an impossible mission.  The whole thing threatens to fall apart because the group is made up of bad guys who are insane, not to mention that the Joker is going to show up.  There is a lot of violence.  It seemed pretty rough for PG-13.  I can’t say I liked it that much.  I’m not quite sure why this movie had to be made.  An extra scene at the end showed Bruce Wayne.  I’m not really anxiously awaiting a sequel.  I took the bus out to Office Depot, where I bought some dry erase markers and other supplies for the new semester.  I also went to Big 5, where I searched for a long time for a backpack I saw in their Sunday advertisement.  I was satisfied with my purchase, however.  I stopped at Gordo Taqueria for a beef burrito, then sat down to watch Julie Newmar on The Dick Cavett Show talk about skirts.  Danny Kaye was sitting next to her.  Some of the people who died on August 17 include Vivian Vance (1979), Ira Gershwin (1983), Pearl Bailey (1990), and Yvonne Craig (2015).  Today is a birthday for Sean Penn (56), Belinda Carlisle (58), and Robert De Niro (73).

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