Der Himmel über Berlin

I went to meetings, and they gave us chorizo burritos for breakfast, and chicken sandwiches for lunch.  A police officer didn’t show up for a training session, so I left early.  I shopped for groceries, and a bit later I looked through the record store.  I got vinyl copies of 70s albums by Generation X, The Emotions, Nils Lofgren, and Steve Goodman.  Back at home, I watched Wim Wenders’ “Wings of Desire.”  I don’t know why it was set in Berlin if the angels could go anywhere.  They also hang out at the library a lot, which would make me feel uneasy about going to the library.  The angels are very touchy, or at least try to touch people a lot.  I guess they don’t respect the humans’ private space if they can drop in anywhere at any time.  Damiel tries to touch Marion’s bare shoulder in one scene.  Some people can see the angels, like children.  Peter Falk can, too, maybe because he has one glass eye.  We learn something about him because the fact that he thinks that smoking and rubbing his hands together to stay warm make him feel alive.  I tried to think of the similarities this movie had with “Paris, Texas.”  There is a wandering around from the main character, as he feels apart from all of humanity.  Nick Cave happens to be in Berlin.  I didn’t really get too excited about his music.  I wasn’t quite sure why Damiel wanted to be human.  Of all the women in Berlin, Marion was the one who inspired him?  I didn’t see how an angel wouldn’t know about color just because Wenders filmed in black and white.  Damiel also didn’t know about money even after observing people for who knows how long.  I think that I learned who Bruno Ganz was from hearing Blair Brown talk about him on the David Letterman show.  I found it rather interesting that the Berliners had recognized Peter Falk as Columbo.  Truffaut also made reference to Columbo in “Small Change.”  The movie did make me think of “Heaven Can Wait” at times.  The Berlin Wall was still up when the filming was going on, but it wouldn’t be long before it came down.  We don’t even get to see the real thing, just a replica made out of wood.  I liked the way the camera moved and caught people, although I did catch one person moving out of the way of Cassiel.  I liked the color photography.  I wondered what happened to the man who committed suicide.  I wondered if Damiel would eventually die and become an angel again.  Are there different classifications of angels?  “Wings of Desire” is still a classic, and it complements “Paris, Texas” in many ways.  I think they were the only two Wenders movie that I’ve ever seen.  I didn’t see “Faraway, So Close” or “City of Angels.”  Some of the people who died on August 19 include Blaise Pascal (1662), Groucho Marx (1977), Hayden Rorke (1987), Linus Pauling (1994), and Don Hewitt (2009).  Today is a birthday for John Deacon (65) and Bill Clinton (70).

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