Kubo and the Two Strings

I went to work but was frustrated with the 6 bus.  I felt tired after my shift and took a nap after a late lunch.  I walked over to the theatre to see “Kubo and the Two Strings.”  People like Charlize Theron, Matthew McConaughey, and George Takei.  Charlize Theron was Monkey, and Matthew McConaughey was Beetle.  The theatre had a problem with the projection, and what was supposed to be a 3D screening wasn’t, which was a bit upsetting.  It felt like a movie that was made by someone who knew about creating visuals for the screen, but was weak on storytelling.  The dialogue was uninteresting, and everything moved along at a snail’s pace.  I didn’t care much about what was going on with the story.  You’ve got a suit of armor, a spirit, magic, and a kid with one eye.  Kubo plays notes on the shamisen, which made me think of the guy with the electric guitar in “Mad Max: Fury Road.”  I thought that Charlize Theron’s talent was wasted on her character and undistinguished lines.  I was rather surprised that Brenda Vacarro was in the cast.  I hadn’t seen her name in the movies for a while.  The story was predictable and followed a pattern you’ve seen before.  The animation was good, although it didn’t overwhelm me.  I have the feeling that a lot of kids will be bored with this movie.  It should have been something better.  I can’t recommend this movie.  Most people would enjoy another viewing of a Hayao Miyazaki film much more.  It looks like this movie got some positive reviews, although I don’t see the reason for any excitement.  I returned home and listened to the end of the A’s game in Chicago.  Kendall Graveman pitched a very good game in getting a shutout, 9-0.  Graveman has been one of the good things that have come out of this bad season.  I watched the Partridge Family episode “The Partridge Papers,” which I thought was one of Laurie’s best episodes.  I also watched the NUMB3RS episode “Ultimatum.”  Missi Pyle played a serious part, which I thought was funny.  I’ll always associate her with “Galaxy Quest.”  I watched an episode of Match Game in which the contestant didn’t know what Mount Rushmore was.  She was stupid but still won a lot of money.  I saw Groucho Marx on The Dick Cavett Show.  Some of the people who died on August 20 include Kim Stanley (2001), Gene Upshaw (2008), Phyllis Diller (2012), Elmore Leonard (2013), and Melody Patterson (2015).  Today is a birthday for Amy Adams (42), Al Roker (62), Robert Plant (68), Connie Chung (70), and Don King (85).

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