A.I. Artificial Intelligence

I watched Steven Spielberg’s “A.I. Artificial Intelligence.”  I thought that the first hour was some of the most interesting work I’ve seen from Spielberg.  The kid from “The Sixth Sense” was the mechanical being, and he did a good job of being like a robot.  He was certainly better than that little girl on the TV show “Small Wonder.”  William Hurt can be rather cold and emotionless himself.  The view of young boys in the cruelty was quite frightening.  I would have thought that they would have a little more sense.  I guess they’re always doing things that are stupid and unsafe to try to prove how brave they are.  It was really horrible that David was left at the bottom of the swimming pool like Benjamin in “The Graduate.”  It was painful to see how the mother’s feelings could change so quickly.  We see her making a commitment, and then the whole situation changes when her son comes back.  David’s pursuit of love is so persistent in a way that does seem like a machine.  If he were a true human, he would adjust.  How would you simulate a child’s developing mind?  Wouldn’t a sophisticated machine be able to tell that a fairy tale wasn’t real?  His database would tell him that Pinocchio was from the fiction section.  I could see how the concept of this movie started off with Stanley Kubrick.  The David character being programmed for certain behavior, plus the Jude Law character really brought to mind “A Clockwork Orange.”  Teddy couldn’t help reminding me of the Ted of Seth McFarlane.  What a strange character he was.  I couldn’t take him seriously after seeing the Ted movie.  Ben Kingsley, Robin Williams, Meryl Streep, and Chris Rock were all involved in the movie, too.  Spielberg said that he didn’t sweeten the movie.  It would have been great to see this movie directed by Kubrick.  I would have been curious to see where he would go after “Eyes Wide Shut.”  Overall, I still liked the movie, perhaps a little more than I would have if I hadn’t seen the Werner Herzog documentary.  The dedication at the end made me think back to when I saw “2001: A Space Odyssey” as a child, and how much I miss those old days.  Gene Wilder’s death made me think about the day my brother and I went out to see “Young Frankenstein.”  Today is a birthday for Cameron Diaz (44) and Warren Buffett (86).

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