Das Leben der Anderen

In the early morning, I watched the DVD of “The Lives of Others.”  I thought it was a decent movie, although it made me flash back to Emilio Estevez and “Stakeout” from many years ago.  I found that I didn’t care that much about any political issues, other than the invasion of privacy.  The man with the headphones reminded me at times of Vladimir Putin.  It’s not a good idea to keep incriminating evidence in the apartment, even in a hiding place.  I wasn’t thrilled that one of the main characters was a writer, because they never make good movie characters.  The movie does create quite a bit of drama and tension, which I appreciated after seeing several foreign films that seemed to linger on endlessly.  This is all going on in East Berlin in 1984.  That was the same year that I saw “Moscow on the Hudson.”  I would have thought that a man like Dreyman, who made his living from words would have come up with something to say to Wiesler.  When Wiesler sees the book in the store window, it reminded me of Manhattan and Meryl Streep’s book.  Well, I thought this was a rather good movie, although I’m not sure I have cared much about any German movie since “The Tin Drum.”  Today is a birthday for Salma Hayek (50), Mark Harmon (65), Harvey Levin (66), and Terry Bradshaw (68).

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