Andrew Triggs’ Back

I was sleepy all day and took a long time to catch up on my writing and do my laundry.  I watched Carolyn Jones on Match Game and wondered if she got along with Richard Dawson, who was sitting to her left.  I watched the Partridge Family episode “Who is Max Ledbetter and Why is He Saying All Those Terrible Things?”  It was the last television appearance for John Banner.  How many episodes ended with someone running up the stairs?  I bought a burrito and headed for the BART station.  I took the train over to the Coliseum, where I settled into my seat and fell asleep for a few minutes.  Some of the A’s wives walked past my seat, and it looked like Kendall Graveman’s wife was a pretty woman.  After the bad series in Houston, A’s fans wanted to see something better, but it wasn’t going to happen on this night against the Boston Red Sox.  Andrew Triggs would pitch only one inning.  He struck out the first batter, but then an error by Marcus Semien put a runner at second base, and David Ortiz hit a single to make the score 1-0.  Before the game, the A’s gave Ortiz a retirement gift of a bottle of wine.  I wonder how much alcohol Ortiz has received among his gifts.  Triggs had some kind of problem with his back, so Bob Melvin sent out Zach Neal for the second inning.  Neal allowed a single with two outs in the second inning, but kept the score at 1-0 until the third inning, which started with a single and another error, this time by Brett Eibner in right field.  Two fly balls would advance the runner to home and a 2-0 score.  The A’s briefly got back into the game in the bottom of the fourth inning.  Jake Smolinski and Danny Valencia started things off with two singles.  Khris Davis hit a foul ball that the first baseman caught, but Smolinski moved to third base.  Billy Butler hit a ball to left field for the sacrifice and a 2-1 score.  Vogt doubled into right field to tie the score at 2-2.  Ryon Healy made an out, so the A’s were unable to take the lead.  Neal would get the first two batters of the fifth inning out, but then he allowed four consecutive hits, leading to three more Boston runs.  It seemed that Neal was tiring.  Melvin brought in Daniel Coulombe, who quickly gave up a double, making the score 6-2.  Coulombe then got the last out, but he would run into big trouble in the sixth inning.  He gave up three consecutive singles to load the bases, and then walked in a run.  He got Ortiz out, but the fly ball scored another run, making the score 8-2.  That was all for Coulombe, as Melvin sent J.B. Wendelke to the mound.  Wendelke got the second out on a fly ball to right, but then a single gave the Red Sox one more run, and then a big home run made the score 12-2.  The game was certainly over at that point.  We saw a Big Head race, which Rollie Fingers won.  We also saw that the A’s players looked like they preferred Adele to Taylor Swift.  An old couple seemed to have difficulty in answering a trivia question, as they said Rollie Fingers rather than Catfish Hunter.  Wendelke gave up two walks but no runs in the seventh inning.  However, with one out in the eighth inning, four consecutive batters reached base against him, and so Chris Smith came to the mound.  He got an out with a fly ball, but it produced another run for a 15-2 score.  Smith the top of the ninth inning and gave up Boston last run on a single, double, and ground ball out to shortstop.  The A’s were not going to score 14 runs in the bottom of the ninth inning.  Billy Butler and Matt McBride both stuck out.  Ryon Healy singled for the second time in the game, but Brett Eibner hit a fly ball to center for the last out of the game.  This game began at 7:07 with a game time temperature of 64 degrees, and it ended at 10:35.  The attendance was 21,326.  I really wanted to go home.  I listened to the Elton John album “Caribou.”  It was a long day and I was anxious to get some sleep.  Some of the people who died on September 3 include e.e. cummings (1962), Vince Lombardi (1970), Frank Capra (1991), Pauline Kael (2001), and Judy Carne (2015).  Today is a birthday for Charlie Sheen (51).

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