After the afternoon of baseball, I ended my day off from work by watching the DVD of “Ida,” a Polish film directed by Pawel Pawikowski.  It was set in Poland in 1962.  It had an interesting main character in Anna, the teenager about to take her vows to become a nun.  I have to compare any movie that is about nuns with “The Nun’s Story,” which made an impression on me as a child years ago.  Seeing it made me believe that becoming a nun was a difficult thing to do.  I wouldn’t say that “Ida” was quite as good as that old movie with Audrey Hepburn and Peter Finch, but it was a movie that was worthy of multiple viewings.  There was a bit of a road trip quality to it that made me think of “Harry and Tonto” for a while.  What is interesting is how the outside world is going to affect Anna.  The movie was in black and white and photographed very well.  Anna’s aunt Wanda is the one to tell her the truth about her family.  Wanda drinks and smokes and gives an odd couple quality to the story.  She wasn’t quite like Elaine Stritch, however.  She listens to Mozart on the record player.  At times, Anna reminded me of Kirsten Dunst.  I can understand how Anna could turn to some deeper than a relationship with a man.  People are unreliable.  The separation from her family made her what she was.  John Coltrane records are interesting, but someone like her wouldn’t change her plans because of music.  What Wanda did at the end made me think of “Up the Down Staircase.”  The forest has a mysterious quality to it.  What was the last noteworthy Polish movie that I saw before this one.  I can’t remember.  I think that most people who are fans of foreign films would like this one.  It’s a movie with some real feeling.  I know that I wouldn’t want to make sacrifices for the sake of any religion.  When you’re 18 years old, you still might want to change your mind about the direction of your life.  I don’t think you should make many permanent decisions at that stage of your life.  I heard that the Giants lost another tough game in Colorado.  I started to feel sleepy during the eleven o’clock hour.  I am reminded that it was fifty years ago today that Star Trek was first shown on television.

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