Spring Breakers

I watched “Spring Breakers.”  It was on the BBC list of best movies since 2000.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have seen it.  It was one of the more unusual movies I’ve seen in recent years.  The movie that it made me think of was “Foxes.”  We see four young women wanting to go on spring break, and in order to get the money, they hold up a restaurant.  That was really strange.  When James Franco appears as a rapper, I felt that the youth culture in this movie was something I didn’t understand.  When the girls go through their crime reenactment, I had to laugh at their Pulp Fiction behavior.  When they got thrown in jail, I felt echoes of “Down By Law.”  It seemed very, very unlikely that someone like Franco would bail these girls out.  What is he doing hanging out at the courthouse?  I was rather glad that he showed up, though, because I was getting tired of watching just the four girls, and he is funny.  What is the friendship between these girls based upon?  There’s something sadistic in laughing at this girl crying that she wants to go home.  It was almost like Laura Dern in “Blue Velvet.”  This movie started to grow on me when the girl got on the bus.  I wouldn’t describe this movie as great, although it does give us images that are hard to wipe from your memory.  Quentin Tarantino said that he liked this movie, which somehow does not surprise me.  It’s a blend of Scarface and Britney Spears, as the Huffington Post suggested.  I find it hard to imagine that a sequel could be successful.

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