After I returned home from the library, I listened to the A’s radio postgame show.  They had won big in Kansas City, although I was rather annoyed that they waited until after the homestand to play a good game.  I watched “Leviathan,” directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev, the same director who was behind “The Return.”  As in the earlier movie, there is a teenage son and an angry father.  This time we see the local mayor attempting to take over Kolya’s house and land.  There is a wife named Lilya, who reminded me of Meg Tilly, and a lawyer friend.  The story shows someone abusing his power, and a man who is just about powerless to fight against him.  I thought of the movie “Calvary” as I watched this one.  Kolya was something like Rutger Hauer.  He has a fearsome temper that is going to go against him.  I watched a Biography episode about Gene Tierney on Sunday night, and the end of the movie made me think back on “Leave Her to Heaven.”  I thought about the similarities between this movie and “The Return,” like death and water.  There was all this extra material, with infidelity, political corruption, and religious doubt.  I did enjoy this film more than “The Return.”  It did run for a long time at 141 minutes.  I thought about how much I liked watching “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” years ago.

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