Loong Boonmee raleuk chat

I finished watching “Uncle Boonme Who Can Recall His Past Lives.”  It was from Thailand and directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, who also worked on “Tropical Malady.”  I thought this was a better film, although the quality of the video on this DVD was not so impressive.  The shadows and the darkness only made me feel that I was missing a lot from the images.  The main character is dying of kidney failure.  Ghosts are around him, and his son looks like Bigfoot with red lights for eyes.  Some moments do seem not so magical.  When I saw the scene with the honey, I kept thinking about whether or not their hands were clean.  Another scene involves a catfish.  I couldn’t help thinking about the swimming pool scene in “Showgirls” as I watched.  I thought about how an American movie would handle the subject of a dying man.  At least some of us think that Shirley MacLaine is nutty for believing in reincarnation.  I thought this was a good little film, although I can’t say that it really excited me.  I read through the Roger Ebert review of it from April 14, 2011.  He gave it a lot of praise, giving it a rating for three and a half stars.  He especially liked the sequence where Boonmee visits a cave.  I wonder how Ebert’s thoughts about death affected his view of this movie.  He stated that he knew his death was coming, and he would die on April 4, 2013.  Some of the people who died on September 14 include Dante (1321), Aaron Burr (1836), James Fenimore Cooper (1851), William McKinley (1901), Isadora Duncan (1927), Grace Kelly (1982), Janet Gaynor (1984), Juliet Prowse (1996), LaWanda Page (2002), Robert Wise (2005), Henry Gibson (2009), and Patrick Swayze (2009).  Today is a birthday for Faith Ford (52) and Sam Neill (69).

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