After I returned from work, I sat down to see “Margaret,” directed by Mark Lonergan, known for “You Can Count on Me.”  I didn’t expect a three-hour epic.  Anna Paquin, who was in “The Piano” many years ago, is the main character, Lisa Cohen.  She misses a bus but distracts the bus driver, who has an accident that kills a woman crossing the street.  Anna Paquin did a remarkable job of acting in this film, which captures a lot of the thought and behavior of teenagers.  Matt Damon and Matthew Broderick play two teachers at her school.  Lisa has arguments with her classmates, and they were effective in the movie.  There is also a conflict between Lisa and her mother.  There was a lot of interesting material, although I think the three-hour cut was a bit too long.  One scene with Paquin and Damon felt like it went on forever.  Jeannie Berlin, famous for “The Heartbreak Kid,” plays an important part.  There was a good cast here, although Broderick brought back some memories of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “Election.”  Mark Ruffalo had a very good scene.  I noticed that there is a lot of screaming in this movie, and people ready to get upset as if they have a hair trigger.  Lisa makes personal criticisms and then tells people not to take her comments personally.  I couldn’t believe the moment when she makes up with her classmate in front of everyone with a hug.  The movie is about a point in adolescence when you see the world doesn’t fit your vision of it.  I think it’s an important movie to see if you want a view of teenagers in this country.  It’s something you can see after you’ve seen a couple of John Hughes films and also “Juno.”  Some of the people who died on September 15 include Thomas Wolfe (1938), Bill Evans (1980), Vincent Canby (2000), Johnny Ramone (2004), and Brett Somers (2007).  Today is a birthday for Tom Hardy (39) and Tommy Lee Jones (70).

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