The Act of Killing

I watched the Partridge Family episode “M is for the Many Things.”  The family spent about $1.46 on one hamburger and a cherry soda with six straws.  Laurie must have had one-sixth of the hamburger and a couple of swallows of soda.  I thought the waitress was amusing.  Edgar Buchanan was a judge who wore a fishing hat.  I watched “The Act of Killing,” an unusual documentary that had Werner Herzog and Errol Morris as executive producers.  It showed Indonesia as a country with people who treat murderers as heroes, and everyone seems warped and out of touch with the rest of the world.  The challenge that is laid down is a re-creation of the killings that went on after 1965.  The people love American movies, and they particularly pay attention to Al Pacino in his role in the Godfather movies.  The movie they’re making is a rotten one, which strangling by wire and decapitation.  The whole thing turned into a movie about making a movie, along the lines of “Day for Night” or “The Stunt Man.”  I noticed that the name that appeared frequently in the end credits, which was Anonymous.  How much was real in this movie?  It certainly felt strange the whole way through.  The scene was Anwar plays a victim is incredible.  Did he think that he knew what it was like to be tortured?  The denial of sin was unbelievable.  Anwar has reportedly said that the film was what he expected.  He wasn’t deceived or betrayed.  It’s very chilling to think about the film, and how some outrageous actions are accepted.  I think I’ll pass on that trip to Indonesia.

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