A torinói ló

When I returned home from the grocery store, I sat down to watch “The Turin Horse.”  It was photographed nicely in black and white, and it featured Béla Tarr’s famed long takes.  I thought that some of them took forever.  The film follows a horse that crossed paths with Friedrich Nietzsche on January 3, 1889.  It made me think of “The Bicycle Thieves.”  We see a strong wind, which always brings to mind Akira Kurosawa.  I kept thinking that the characters must have gotten tired of eating potatoes.  We also see people not talking to each other.  According to IMDB, there are only 30 shots in the film.  Tarr has said that the movie is about the heaviness of human existence.  These people’s lives are taken up by repetitive routine.  They are dependent on things like the well and the lamp.  “The Turin Horse” didn’t feel like the work of a young man. Tarr was born in 1955.  He announced his retirement from directing, which is too bad, because he seems capable of some more great films.  “The Turin Horse” is the kind of movie that should be around for a long time.  I think it’s a very strong movie and a lasting work of art.

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