California 50, Texas 43

A lot of Texas football fans made the trip to Berkeley to see their game against California.  It was a late start at 7:30, and so I knew that the night would turn cold before the game was over.  Cal did well to start the game, with a touchdown, but then Texas took over the game for a while.  A couple of penalties and a failed fourth down play helped the Longhorns get a 17-7 lead, but Cal made it 17-14 by the end of the first quarter.  Cal appeared to have weaknesses on defense, as they had trouble stopped running plays, and their pass defenders looked smaller than the Texas receivers.  Texas would go up by ten points, and then Cal would come back, to the point where Cal would lead at halftime. 35-33.  The marching band played songs by people like No Doubt, where I didn’t understand.  We saw the Cal students who participated in the Olympics, like Missy Franklin.  With all the scoring in the first half, it was a bit surprising that neither side scored in the third quarter.  It was something of a relief to see better play from the defense.  Texas went ahead early in the fourth quarter, 40-35.  Cal scored a touchdown of their won and went for two points.  The score was 43-40.  Cal did hold Texas to a tying field goal.  After another touchdown pass, Cal was ahead, 5-43.  The Cal defense held the Longhorns, who decided to punt instead of gambling on fourth down.  Cal went through running plays to run out the clock.  They appeared to get another touchdown, but a fumble ended up putting the ball at the one-yard line instead of getting it to the Longhorns with 1:20 left.  That was ridiculous.  The Bears held on, and the game ended with that 50-43 score.  Chad Hansen had 12 catches for 196 yards and two touchdowns, one to close out both halves of the game.  Vic Enwere was the running back involved in the controversial play at the end of the game.  Davis Webb threw four touchdown passes, ran for another, and had 397 passing yards.  Two interceptions and two missed field goal attempts helped out California.  Texas was ranked Number 11.  Their fans turned out in impressive numbers for this game.  The attendance was 50,448.

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