La mujer sin cabeza

I bought another copy of “The Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl” because I messed up the cover of the previous one I bought.  I stopped to have a burger and did some grocery shopping before I returned home.  I watched “The Headless Woman,” which was not really some sort of horror movie, although it dealt with some uncomfortable feelings about death.  Vero is a woman driving down a road when she hits something.  She doesn’t get out of the car but drives away.  She becomes convinced that she has killed someone.  I could identify with the feelings of despair.  I had questions, though, about the probability of such an accident in the middle of nowhere.  I got a bit tired of watching this character after a while.  She dyes her hair.  The director takes us into Vero’s mind, conveying the shock and disoriented state of mind.  I found this less interesting than it was meant to be.  The film does make observations about the role of woman in places like Argentina.  Men step in to take care of her problem.  This film was OK, but I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece.  It was more interesting than most of the movies that are playing tonight in my hometown.  One positive feature is that the running time is less than 90 minutes, so it doesn’t waste a lot of time making its points.  I read through some of the positive reviews of the movie but wasn’t really won over.  I kept thinking about Akira Kurosawa’s belief that a good movie is easy to watch and understand.  Some of the people who died on September 22 include Dan Rowan (1987), Irving Berlin (1989), Dorothy Lamour (1994), George C. Scott (1999), Isaac Stern (2001), Marcel Marceau (2007), and Eddie Fisher (2010).  Today is a birthday for Andrea Bocelli (58), Joan Jett (58), and Debby Boone (60).

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