After I returned home from the game, I watched the DVD of “10,” the movie directed by Abbas Kiarostami.  Almost all of it was shot inside a car, along the lines of “Locke.”  The opening segment, with the mother and son Armin having an argument, went on for 16 minutes.  The takes were too long, and I wanted to see something besides this kid agonizing and covering his ears.  It’s rather frightening to think what kind of adult this kid will become.  He raises his voice to his mother a lot and accuses her of lying quite often.  One of the women who enters the car is a prostitute.  The conversations in this car included divorce and other difficulties of life.  The movie was in Farsi with English.  It was shot digitally and had a look I didn’t like much.  The son was rather impressive with his presence and intelligence, but there was too much of him.  I’m going to remember the mother trying to be a good parent but not feeling appreciated.  She compared herself to other women, saying that her ex-husband couldn’t find a better woman.  She also talked about the gears of the car.  I would have thought the son would have caught on much sooner.  He’s walked a Camel T-shirt, which I found slightly disturbing.  The movie gives us a look at Iran that we’ve never seen before.  I was interested in what the scenery beyond the car was like.  I looked at the trees.  Roger Ebert wasn’t too impressed with this picture, or with Abbas Kiarostami.  I tend to agree, because I don’t see the greatness in a movie like this.  Usually I’m not too fond of movies with a lot of improvisation.  Some of the people who died on September 25 include Ring Lardner (1933), Erich Maria Remarque (1970), Walter Pidgeon (1984), Mary Astor (1987), George Plimpton (2003), Don Adams (2005), and Andy Williams (2012).

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