I saw part of a Columbo episode about chess, called “The Most Dangerous Match,” and then I watched the DVD of “Moolaadé.”  It was set in Africa, and it was about the practice of female circumcision.  A woman named Collé gives protection to four young girls from the cutting, leading to conflict in the village.  It looks like everyone buys bread and batteries from the local seller, who charges too much for his products.  The men are in power, and most all of them don’t see the point in changing their traditions.  The relationship between two brothers showed why things don’t change.  Radios play a big part in the women’s lives.  They do get some important bits of information from the radio.  The movie has a lot of life to it.  I didn’t find this movie as interesting as “Timbuktu,” which I also saw recently.  I felt that “Moolaadé” went on for a little bit too long at just over two hours.  It had a scene that disturbed me, with a mother crying over her baby who died.  I wondered how this movie would compare to the Number One move at the box office this weekend, which was the remake of “The Magnificent Seven.”  “Moolaadé” had some passion and purpose to it, whereas there’s probably not much point in seeing “The Magnificent Seven.”  I heard about the death of Arnold Palmer at age 87.  Today is a birthday for Linda Hamilton (60) and Olivia Newton-John (68).

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