I watched CBS This Morning and their chef segment.  Todd Kelly’s signature recipes include Lardo crusted strip steak with red wine sauce, Shaved serrano ham with marinated fennel, pomegranates and argulua, Ricotta tortellini, Friend Brussel sprouts, Mom’s sugar pie, and Chef’s old fashioned cocktail.  I looked up the American Top 40 playlist for the weekend.  It was “Can’t Get Enough,” “Earache My Eye,” “Never My Love,” “The Bitch is Back,” “Another Saturday Night,” “You Haven’t Done Nothin’,” “Beach Baby,” “Then Came You,” “Nothing from Nothing,” and “I Honestly Love You.”  I went out to do my laundry, and I bought some dried apricots and shampoo from CVS.  I went out to see “Eight Days a Week” again.  I think I appreciated some of the footage more the second time around.  Yesterday was Sigourney Weaver’s birthday, and she appeared in the movie, too.  The Shea Stadium concert footage was for cinemas only, supposedly.  I went grocery shopping and listened to the Giants game on the radio.  It seems unlikely that they can squirm out of this jam against the Cubs.  I went over to the record store and bought some used items, like the Criterion Collection Blu-ray edition of “Carlos,” CDs of Sufjan Stevens and Courtney Barnett, and a vinyl copy of B.B. King’s “Completely Well.”  I wondered about the future of this record store, as I hear the employees thanking me for every visit and purchase.  I sat down to watch “Memento,” the short-term memory loss mystery featuring Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Joe Pantoliano.  It was impressive how the movie was organized.  It seemed that the continuity had to be a nightmare.  I don’t know how Leonard would be able to drive a car around town.  When you see this movie more than once, it appears that the story underneath the surface is not truly interesting.  Leonard didn’t like talking on the phone, but I wondered if a cell phone with a camera could help him out.  His use of Polaroid pictures made this movie seem like it was from another era.  I had to wonder if Leonard could remember to buy a lot of Polaroid film.  I liked Carrie-Anne Moss from “The Matrix,” but I wouldn’t say that she was anything exceptional in this movie.  Joe Pantoliano made me think of a young Jack Nicholson with his grin.  Pearce made me think of Johnny Depp.  Christopher Nolan was the director.  I would see how some of this material could somehow lead to something like “Inception.”  Nolan’s work reminds me of what Akira Kurosawa said about good movies, that they are easy to understand.  Nolan certainly goes against this belief.  I have to give Nolan credit for making “Memento” something more than a movie with a gimmick, although I found it more like an interesting puzzle than a film that I can truly care about.  I think that Nolan has gone on to better things.  Last week was a terrible week for the Donald Trump presidential campaign, but I had to question why all this information about lewd comments didn’t make the news while the primaries were going on. The audio from the Howard Stern radio programs could not have been secret.  I would say that the news media didn’t do their job.  I would say that voters didn’t do a good job, and the politicians were foolish with their endorsements.  We’re certainly seeing things that we’ve never seen before during an election year, and all in a bad sense.  Some of the people who died on October 9 include Che Guevara (1967), Oskar Schindler (1974), Herbert Ross (2001), and Louis Nye (2005).  Today is a birthday for Sean Lennon (41), Sharon Osbourne (64), and Jackson Browne (68).

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