Derek Carr’s Two Touchdown Passes

I woke up and watched the beginning of the CBS Sunday Morning show, the first with Jane Pauley as host.  I fell asleep for a while and saw Nick Nolte on my screen.  I went out to buy groceries and headed out to the bus stop, where I caught the 6 bus, and then the 1 out to the Fruitvale BART station.  I reached the Coliseum after eleven o’clock.  I watched the highlights on the video screen.  It seemed that the Eagles were on their way to winning, but a fumble hurt them.  Mark Van Eeghen lit the torch.  His last season with the Raiders was 35 years ago.  The Raiders received the opening kickoff.  Derek Carr made an early mistake with an interception, but it didn’t hurt the team.  The Raiders kept the ball for a long time during that first quarter, but it ended with the score at 3-0.  The Chargers went ahead, 7-0, and the teams traded field goals during the rest of the quarter, with Janikowski making a kick with time running out, making the score 10-9.  During halftime, the Fresno State marching band came out onto the field.  The Chargers were ready for the second half, as they scored a touchdown.  The Raiders came back with another of those long touchdowns from Amari Cooper.  The Chargers got another touchdown, and the Raiders came back with a field goal to get to within five points at 24-19.  That score held until the Raiders went with a pass play on fourth down and two instead of trying the field goal.  Michael Crabtree made another of his good catches, and after the two points, the score was 27-24 going into the fourth quarter.  A poor punt led to a scoring chance for the Raiders.  After long delays for referee discussion and a play review, the Raiders had the ball at the one-yard line, and a run for the touchdown had the score 34-24.  The Raiders, however, did not make the game easy, as they gave up a touchdown.  They were unable to run out the clock, and the Chargers had a chance to come back.  They set up for a chance at a tying field goal, but somehow the holder fumbled the ball, and that was the ball game, a 34-31 win for the home team.  The fans were happy, although this was a day before some possible bad news coming out of Nevada.  Derek Carr passed for 317 yards and two touchdowns.  I hurried on home to listen to the Robert Hilburn Rock ‘n’ Roll Times radio program from KCSN.  He played tracks from the Rolling Stones’ Artist’s Choice album, and I liked the songs by Otis Redding, Eddie Cochran, Aretha Franklin, and the Isley Brothers.  The 17 songs didn’t quite fit into the hour.  I didn’t want to watch the presidential debate, which some people thought was disgraceful.  The Columbo episode on Me TV was “Lovely but Lethal,” featuring Vera Miles, Martin Sheen, and Vincent Price.  It was John Lennon’s birthday.  He would have been 76.  I was too sleepy to listen to any of the old albums.


Some of the people who died on October 10 include Ralph Richardson (1983), Yul Brynner (1985), Orson Welles (1985), Teresa Graves (2002), Christopher Reeve (2004), Solomon Burke (2010), and Alex Karras (2012).  Today is a birthday for David Lee Roth (61).

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