I hated having to go to work in the rain.  I wondered where I could buy rubber boots.  During work, people talked about food, like funnel cakes.  I was tired when I got home, and I fell asleep as I watched Family Feud.  I went grocery shopping.  I listened to the end of the game between the Indians and the Blue Jays.  I was slightly surprised that the Blue Jays didn’t do anything.  I watched the Partridge Family episode “You’re Only Young Twice,” and noticed Laurie biting into a piece of toast.  Over at the record store, I browsed for 45 minutes before I bought the Blu-ray copy of “Bonnie and Clyde” and a CD of “Dylan’s Gospel.”  I watched “Traffic,” the movie by Steven Soderbergh.  The cast was truly impressive, with Benicio Del Toro, Michael Douglas, Don Cheadle, Miguel Ferrer, Erika Christensen, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Albert Finney, James Brolin, Amy Irving, Dennis Quaid, Viola Davis, and Peter Riegert.  I thought about how long ago this movie was released as I watched Michael Douglas looking like he had a lot of life in him.  I could hardly believe that Amy Irving was once in “Carrie.”  There were scenes that made me think of the first two Godfather movies.  I didn’t think that powerful people would allow a witness to get to court for harmful testimony.  Catherine Zeta-Jones was the Michael Corleone of this movie, a good person gone bad.  When I watched this movie in the past, I found the scenes with Douglas’ teenage daughter the most compelling.  What I always remember is Douglas in denial, not believing that his daughter could be involved in drugs because she was one of the best students at her school.  That was faulty logic, because the two things aren’t mutually exclusive.  The girl’s friend certainly wasn’t much of a friend in introducing her to drugs.  We don’t see his life unravelling, though.  The scene where Douglas suspects what she is doing in the bathroom was powerful, and was his search for her.  Benicio Del Toro seemed like he was in the middle of a film noir.  The movie was remarkable.  I can’t think of many movies that were released since 2000 that were better.  Some of the people who died on October 15 include Cole Porter (1964) and Frank DeKova (1981).  Today is a birthday for Tanya Roberts (61), Tito Jackson (63), and Penny Marshall (73).

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