Derek Carr’s Two Turnovers

I awoke and watched the CBS Sunday Morning show.  The first segment was about Latinos.  My parents phoned me and talked about money.  I went over to the coffee shop for about an hour.  It didn’t start raining until I was ready to leave for the Coliseum.  I brought along my plastic poncho.  I took my seat early and watched the crew dealing with the field.  The rain was steady.  The Raiders cheerleaders went onto the field with pink vests.  Henry Lawrence, who played with the team from 1974 to 1986, lit the torch.  Ice Cube showed his scowl to us.  The Raiders received the opening kickoff and scored first with a touchdown pass from Derek Carr to Andre Holmes.  That would turn out to be the highlight of the entire game for the home team.  The Chiefs would come back and score two touchdowns.  A turning point was an interception that Carr threw.  Michael Crabtree fell down on the play, and the radio announcers commented that the wet field affected his footing.  The score late in the half was 13-7, as the Chiefs missed an extra point.  The Raiders did make good use of the last few seconds of the half, as they moved into a position to allow Sebastian Janikowski to try a field goal kick, which he made to make the score 13-10 at halftime.  Henry Lawrence was under a tent to do some singing during the break.  The songs were “I Got You,” “Brick House,” and “Superstition,” as far as I could hear, anyway.  The crowd wasn’t in the mood for any music.  The Raiders did nothing to stop the Chiefs from scoring in the second half while they didn’t do any scoring themselves.  The score went to 20-10 and then 23-10.  The game was clearly slipping away during this third quarter.  The Raiders still had a slim chance by holding the Chiefs to a field goal in the fourth quarter, but with time running out, Derek Carr lost a fumble.  That caused a lot of the crowd to head for the exits just after 3:30.  I stuck around for a while longer, until the Raiders failed on a fourth down play.  My feet were wet, and I was anxious to head home.  I listened to the postgame radio show.  Everyone commented on the Raiders’ poor defense.  Also, the offense gained fewer than 90 yards during the second half.  The team’s home record is 1-2.  They would be heading to Jacksonville for their next game.  A lot of fans must have been angry and disgusted with the news out of Nevada during the past week, but hardly anyone said anything or held up signs during the game.  When I got to the BART station, I saw that the sun came out.  I went on home and took off my wet shoes.  I listened to Robert Hilburn’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Times radio program on KCSN.  He squeezed twenty songs into the hour, focusing on Elvis Presley songs.  I liked “Suspicious Minds” the most.  I listened to the end of the playoff game between the Cubs and Dodgers.  I was somewhat surprised that the Cubs didn’t score any runs.  I watched the Columbo episode “Double Exposure” with Robert Culp.  I wondered if subliminal suggestion really worked.  I watched the last hour of “The Turin Horse” again.  It seemed comical how things were going wrong for these two people at the end.  I wouldn’t have felt like eating, either.  Some of the people who died on October 17 include Frederic Chopin (1849), Joey Bishop (2007), Teresa Brewer (2007), Levi Stubbs (2008), and Vic Mizzy (2009).  Today is a birthday for Ziggy Marley (48).

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