California 52, Oregon 49

I watched the Partridge Family episode “The Modfather.”  It seemed that the family never did make it to the beach.  I did my laundry and walked over to CVS to buy some razors and a box of granola bars.  I went out to the office to more on some grades, but my computer decided it needed updates, which delayed my work for a few hours.  I finally got my work done and went over to the stadium to catch the football game between California and Oregon.  I don’t think I liked the 7:30 starting time because it was too late.  Not that many Oregon fans were in the stands on this night.  There were plenty of empty seats.  It took a while for any scoring to happen in the game, but then California was able to score 21 points in the span of about nine minutes.  Oregon began a comeback with two touchdowns, but California scored a touchdown with 18 seconds left in the half, and so at halftime it was 31-14.  During the break, the California marching band went onto the field and played songs I didn’t recognize.  A group of bratty kids stood next to me and yelled at the Oregon mascot, a duck.  California received the kickoff to start the third quarter and kicked a field goal to go ahead by 34-14, but then a turning point came when they for some reason had Davis Webb punt the ball on a fourth down play.  His punt went only ten yards and led to an Oregon touchdown.  California stopped scoring while Oregon kept going.  California had a fourth down play that went nowhere.  They found themselves behind, 35-34.  They regained something, though, late in the game and drove for a touchdown, and after a successful two-point play, were ahead, 42-35.  The Ducks continued on their roll, however, tying the game at 42-42.  With time running out, the Bears moved the ball, making the crowd scream as they let the clock go down to four seconds before calling a time out to try a field goal.  Oregon called two successive time outs, and I guess the tactic worked, because Matt Anderson missed the try, and we were on to overtime.  Oregon scored what looked like an easy touchdown pass, but California matched theirs to make the score 49-49.  California then got the ball and got close to the goal, but then three consecutive penalties hurt them, and they settled for a field goal to go ahead, 52-49.  Oregon looked like they might win the game, but they attempted a pass in the middle of the field that a California player tipped and caught for an interception.  I don’t know why he ran around with the ball instead of immediately falling to the ground, but that was the winning play.  It was the only turnover of the entire game.  It was five minutes before midnight, and the California players on the sideline ran onto the field to celebrate.  I wanted to get out of there quickly.  I went home and watched a bit of Match Game.  Barbara Rhoades was one of the stars on the panel.  Some of the people who died on October 22 include Paul Cézanne (1906), Cleavon Little (1992), Mary Wickes (1995), and Soupy Sales (2009).  Today is a birthday for Jeff Goldblum (64) and Christopher Lloyd (78).

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