Sarusuberi: Miss Hokusai

The chef on CBS This Morning was Tony Gemignani, and his signature recipes included Grandma Pizza, New Jersey Tomato Pie, Caesar Salad, Bucatini, Tiramisu, and Negroni.  I looked up the American Top 40 playlist for the weekend.  The Top 10 songs on October 16, 1976 were “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight,” “She’s Gone,” “(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty,” “Devil Woman,” “Still the One,” “Play That Funky Music,” “If You Leave Me Now,” “Lowdown,” “A Fifth of Beethoven,” and “Disco Duck.”  I went to work for five hours.  After having a burrito for a late lunch, I headed for the theatre to see “Miss Hokusai.”  I went for the subtitled version instead of the English dubbed version.  It was an animated film about the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai from the point of view of his daughter.  The quality of the animation was very high.  Many shots are unexpected and interesting.  We see faces close up, and the dog was fun to watch.  You notice how beautiful the flowers and clouds are.  I was reminded of the Japanese films I used to see decades ago.  The way that a character walks is presented in a different way from other animated films.  An object like a token leaves in impression.  The story is all taking place in the nineteenth century, and it’s refreshing to not have to see a lot of technology in a movie.  It is showing the end of an era, when Tokyo was Edo.  The fate of the main character is a mystery.  After the movie ended, I was left wanting to see it again.  I went home and listened to the Cubs-Dodgers game on the radio.  I thought the game was over in the first inning when Clayton Kershaw struggled, threw a lot of pitches, and gave up two runs.  I watched “The Assassin” again and felt bored through much of it.  In the Star Trek episode on Me TV, I saw Kirk dressed up as a Romulan about to steal a cloaking device.  It was called “The Enterprise Incident.”  I used to have such fun watching this program years ago.  Some of the people who died on October 23 include Christian Dior (1957), Oskar Werner (1984), Adolph Green (2002), and Lou Jacobi (2009).  Today is a birthday for Nancy Grace (57), Weird Al Yankovic (57), Ang Lee (62), and Pele (76).

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