Space Battleship Yamato

After I returned home from my last lecture, I sat down to watch “Space Battleship Yamato” on Blu-ray.  It was rather entertaining, although hardly great.  I never understood why this spaceship was shaped like a battleship since there was no water to float on.  I thought the acting was not so good, and the story was filled with clichés.  I saw elements of Star Wars in the robot creatures, the relationship between the young man and the woman, and the pilots sent off on an impossible mission.  I could not believe in this thing that is supposed to be a radiation device.  There was a lot of shooting, reminding me of other science fiction movies like “The Matrix.”  It seemed that the crew was too nice and polite.  Someone goes to the brig for trying to save a life.  The captain reminded me of the cowboy in “Tampopo.”  Some of the plot reminded me of the Star Trek with the bringing of life to a dead planet.  I thought the ending was rather disturbing in the way it brought memories of kamikaze pilots.  It was really a down note for an ending, too, so I could see how Americans wouldn’t go for it.  It made me think of Bruce Dern in “Silent Running.”  I’ll have to admit that I couldn’t take the movie seriously, and I laughed at a few places.  The characters were too earnest.  No one on the entire ship had any sense of humor.  This movie is certainly no substitute for a good Star Wars movie.  It didn’t seem that this movie caught anyone’s imagination in this country.  The young stars couldn’t counteract the feeling that the concept for this movie belonged to a different time.  It felt like one of those Star Wars knockoffs from the 1970s that was mentioned in “Argo.”  One of those last shots reminded me of “The Return of the Jedi” with the spirits of the departed visible.  I heard the news that the Indians won the first game of the World Series, which was a slight surprise.  The last time I can recall Jon Lester losing a playoff game was when he was with the A’s for that fateful game in Kansas City.  The Warriors didn’t look too good in their first game.  The sun came out this morning, which helped my spirits.  Some of the people who died on October 26 include Hattie McDaniel (1952), Nikos Kazantzakis (1957), Wilbert Harrison (1994), and Hoyt Axton (1999).  Today is a birthday for Rita Wilson (60), Hillary Clinton (69), Pat Sajak (70), and Jaclyn Smith (71).

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