I went out to do my laundry, and I went out to Target to buy a Halloween costume.  I settled on Jack Skellington.  I went over to the theatre that was showing “The Handmaiden.”  The director was Park Chan-Wook, who was known for “Oldboy.”  The movie felt like it had elements of various Quentin Tarantino films and perhaps “Blue is the Warmest Color.”  I also thought of “Rashomon” and “Run Lola Run.”  It was one of those movies that is annoying because what you think you’re seeing turns out to be something different from what’s really going on.  It’s divided into three parts, and we see scenes with additional information or from a different perspective.  The plot involved a rich woman’s money and con artists pursuing it and erotic literature and a madhouse.  I found it exhausting to watch.  I didn’t want to watch many of those scenes a second time.  I didn’t know what to expect when I paid my ticket and took my seat, but I was surprised at the amount of nudity and sex in the movie.  There were some horrible images that made me wish for the days when foreign films, especially the ones from Asian countries, had more restraint.  I would not rate the actors as being the most talented.  How would the fans of “Oldboy” feel about this film?  I have the feeling they will like it.  The matinee showing attracted a crowd that wasn’t huge, but they were interested in this movie.  The movie fell below my expectations, although I wasn’t a big fan of “Oldboy.”  I stopped to buy a burrito, and I checked my mail to see a check stub indicating how much pay I will receive on Monday.  I was happy with the amount.  I browsed through the record stores and resisted the temptation to buy a Star Trek box set, and I returned home to watch Game 3 of the World Series.  The Indians blew a big chance to score with the bases loaded, but Coco Crisp came through with the biggest hit of the night, scoring the only run of the game.  However, Rajai Davis did run into an out.  I didn’t listen to Bill Murray leading the crowd through “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”  Wrigley Field hurt the Indians on one play that went for a triple.  The bottom of the ninth inning had a lot of suspense, as the Cubs had runners on second and third base.  A strikeout ended the game.  I didn’t see Bill Murray’s reaction to the last out.  Alex Rodriguez and Pete Rose were on the postgame show.  I watched the Partridge Family episode “A Likely Candidate” with Bert Convy.  Shirley go to take the lead vocal on “Ain’t Love Easy.”  Laurie said that Bert was adorable.  I watched the NUMB3RS episode “Old Soldiers,” which had Henry Winkler.


Some of the people who died on October 29 include Louis B. Mayer (1957), Adolphe Menjou (1963), Duane Allman (1971), Terry Southern (1995), and Lloyd Bochner (2005).  Today is a birthday for Randy Jackson (55), Dan Castellaneta (59), Kate Jackson (68), Richard Dreyfuss (69), and Melba Moore (71).

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